And The Oscar Goes To Memobottle

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Recently as we all tuned into the Oscars over the weekend, one item that was included in the 2016 gift bags was the
Memobottle. This newly designed take on the average water bottle was the number one item this year I was most excited about. 

Did you know that more than fifty billion single-use water bottles were sold globally last year? This is astonishing! In a world where everyone is aware of their actions and the effect that it has on the environment this just should not be. This is not only damaging to the environment, but it is also killing our wallet. 

With the spring and summer months just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about staying hydrated while on the go. Hydration is something that I have personally always struggled with. I seem that I never can drink enough water, but when you are on the go, sometimes you just don’t have the room in your bag to carry along a bulky water bottle. We have all been there. 

What is a Memobottle?

A Memobottle is a slimline, reusable water bottle that can easily slip into most bags right beside your wallet or tablet! This has to be the most ingenious water bottle I have ever received. I love that they took into consideration being able to transport this bottle no matter where life takes you. 

The bottle that I received was the A5, which can hold 750ml (25fl). The dimensions of the bottle itself is 243mm x 148mm x 30mm making this the perfect water bottle to tote along with you this spring and summer season. You can stay hydrated without the hassle of trying to get a standard bottle in your bag along with all of your other necessities.

The A5 Memobottle can be purchased for $25.00, and it is BPA-Free, so it is made for many uses. Not only does your new Memobottle come with a white cap but you also receive a black cap. Both of the caps fit snuggly to the bottle so that you don’t need to worry about leaking. 

So far I have used this bottle a ton for not only myself but for my little man Ricky as well. Since my husband and I love to take our pup everywhere, we always are carrying around water for him as well. I just fill up my Memobottle pop it in my purse, and we are off. I have had no leaks what so ever and nothing but compliments on the design. 

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