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A Step By Step Spruce Up Of Your Home

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When it comes to the change of the season like we’re experiencing now, it’s common for people to want to spruce up their home. It’s time for everything summery about your home to go, and for the warmth and cosiness to be brought forward. Or, it might just be that you’re totally fed up with your home and the vibe it’s giving out. If you’ve had the same sort of style for your home for a while now it might be that you’re simply bored of the same four walls. Or perhaps you’ve got a few niggling issues that you’re dying to get sorted. Well, now is the time. We want to give you a step by step guide that should help you to spruce up your home. You can tailor it to your liking! Keep on reading to find out more. 

Those Pesky Problems 

The first thing you need to think about is solving some of the issues that you’ve been ignoring for a while now. We know how easy it is to turn a blind eye to issues around your home because you might be worried about the expense, or everything else in life gets in the way first. But this is the perfect season to iron all of those issues out.

We’re far enough away from Christmas that there’s still time to save and buy presents, and close enough to want your home squared away ready for the festivities. Plus, there might be some changes that you need to make that will be essential at this time of year, such as your windows. If you’re not living in a new build and you’ve lived in your home for a while, chances are you might have to invest in some new ones. Although they can be expensive, they last for years and years, improve the ability for your home to keep warm, and can soundproof your home from the noises of the outdoors.

All you need to do is contact a window contractor to come out and do a free evaluation of your windows to make sure that you need them done, and if you do to price them up for you. There will no doubt be many other niggling issues with your home that need sorting, so why not work through them before the winter season comes! 

A Much Needed Clear Out

The next step in the spruce up guide is to clear out anything that you don’t want. There’s no point going in with different interior decor designs and sprucing up each room if you feel like your home is also full of clutter! So, start in the bedroom as this is the place most likely to gather things you don’t need. All you have to do is go through each drawer in each room and take out anything that you don’t use anymore and that you don’t want.

You’ll soon come to realize that you have bin bags full of items that you didn’t even know you had! It’s amazing how much space can be created by going through each room. You’ll feel far better both in your mind and in your own home to know there’s not drawers that are full! You never know, you might be able to make some money off the items if you have anything that you can sell. 

Decor Changes You’re Dying To Make

Now onto the bit that people find the most exciting, the decor changes. You might find that you don’t need to make too many big changes here. If you like the colours that you have going on, all you may need to do is make some simple additions to spruce the room up a little. It could be a new ornament, or a new rug, or a new lamp. People notice the little changes you make to your home just as much as they notice the big changes.

Plus, you don’t want to do anything too overpowering! If you do want to change the colors you have going on, perhaps stick to interior design trends. Bold colors like dark blues and greens are in right now and we think they’re perfect for the change in season. 

The Final Touches

Finally, give your home a good deep clean. Get into all of the corners that you might have ignored for a while and really give them a deep clean, the kitchen and the bathroom in particular. A clean home is a happy hope and it might have been a while since you had the time to do a real deep clean! 


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