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Hello, everyone and long time no chat! Today I wanted to share with you a great gift idea that will be featured in the upcoming Holiday Guide, but I think this is a great gift any time of the year. With so much turmoil in the United States with everyone on different sides, it sometimes seems you need to step back and take a good look at what is around you. Literally oceans! Oceans that need your help! 4Ocean (www.4Ocean.com) is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time.

When I first received this email, I was so excited to share this with you because in my eyes we don’t do enough for our oceans and the enormous ecosystem that lives with in. With a staggering amount of 16 billion pounds of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year, you just can’t ignore the facts anymore.

Founding Members 4Ocean:

Andrew and Alex took a surfing trip to Bali, Indonesia which turned into the creation of 4Ocean. They were devasted by the amount of plastic in the ocean, so they created a way to do something about it. An old fishing village in Bali where fishermen were literally pushing their boats through piles of plastic washed up on the shore had the two realize that the dumping of plastic (and garbage) threatened both the ocean environment and the fishermen’s livelihoods. They realized that the fishermen could pull plastic from the ocean, so they started 4Ocean to clean our world’s waterways.

Today, they employ 180 in the US, Bali, and Haiti including fishermen, captains, and crew for all cleanups. They fund the cleanups by the sale of 4Ocean bracelets – $20 pulls one pound of trash from the ocean. The bracelets are made from recycled plastic. New products added include a reusable bottle and a cleanup kit. Since launching 4Ocean, they have already pulled over 1.2 million pounds of plastic/trash from the ocean.


How You Can Join The 4Ocean Team:

4Ocean offers a monthly bracelet made from recycled plastic and glass from the ocean floor.  Each $20 bracelet funds one pound of garbage to be picked up from our waterways.

4Ocean has just announced a blue or white reusable bottle to keep hot or cold drinks at their ideal temperature. The rubberized seal helps insulate beverage and prevent spilling while the stainless steel handle makes it easy to carry. 4Ocean Reusable Bottles ($30) have a sustainably-sourced bamboo top for ergonomic function and shows a commitment to cleaner oceans.

Finally, the new 4Ocean Cleanup Kit provides all of the tools for individuals to pull pounds of plastic/trash on their own. Retailing for $100, this funds pulling 5 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. The 4Ocean Cleanup Kit includes a cleanup bag made from 100% recycled material, blue 4Ocean 100% cotton T-shirt (sizes S – 3XL), 4Ocean Reusable Bottle, gloves with 13-gauge nylon liner and nitrile palm coating (S, M, L) and a snapback hat featuring the 4Ocean logo.


I am so proud to be able to work with such an amazing company and feel that the challenge of saving our oceans is real. This is a wonderful gift for anyone for the upcoming holiday season or if you are looking for a great way to support the ocean environment. I would highly suggest taking this into consideration, and I do hope that you take a look at the 4Ocean website for more information on this amazing opportunity.

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