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A Gift For A Woman That Thinks She Has Everything

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a woman that thinks she has everything? I found something PERFECT just for you. Now sit back and relax, you got this shopping season covered with Child Perfume.

First off, let me say that this is NOT for children. It is exotic, alluring, soft, feminine yet provocative and the perfect line you can get your hands on this holiday season. Child Perfume is a favorite of A-list celebrities and even John Mayer can recognize it and chase it a mile away. “How You doin'”.

Getting my hands on Child Perfume has changed my life for the better, not to mention my “sniffer”. The fragrance is bold and beautiful. Vanilla, Lilac and Magnolia open this lush modern classic with Jasmine, Tuberose and Violet at the heart…the romantic finish Creme Musk, Rose and Mimosa.

This is a very complex fragrance that leaves you feeling just like the A-list celebrities that have all gathered toward this amazing brand. They include amazing peeps such as Mandy Moore to Madonna with a Kardashian. I mean, who wouldn’t love something Madonna loved! Come on!!

This really is the perfect gift for A The Woman That Thinks She Has Everything! Child does not only offer this amazing perfume but I can go a step further..

They also offer the delightful and the stuff goddesses are made of body butter. This is the same fragrance as the roller that I received and they make the perfect combo.

So why not have John Mayer chase ya around the block once or twice? YOU MUST check out Child Perfume and see why they are becoming the hottest product among not only little bloggers like myself but celebrities. She is gonna love it!


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