7 Tips To Help You Spring Clean With Out Losing Your Mind

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As the weather begins to warm up, that means spring is on its way. For most of us, that mean the spring cleaning season kicks into gear. Honestly, I do a spring cleaning but I take steps to make the even an easy process, and I wanted to share with you all some of those steps. Spring Cleaning can be challenging and exhausting if you are trying to do it all at once. So I have set myself up for success, and I want you to be successful as well.

We live in our home, but I do clean daily (vacuum, mopping and such) to help keep up with the mess. For a year since we lost our Lucy girl (fur baby) Ricky has been our only pup, but now we have a new terror, that is what I call him because he is a terror!! Ike (his real name) loves to make a mess so spring cleaning this year came early.

Most people will pick on thing in each room and do it. As an example, they might one day decide to all the baseboards. I used to do this, but I always end up never finishing it. My tip to make your spring cleaning successfully is to pick one room and one room only per day for seven days. Ok. So you might have fewer rooms or more rooms, but you get the idea. 

Two Must Have Spring Cleaning Tools

The only reason that you would not take one room a day would be because maybe you need to shampoo carpets. This should be one thing that you do during your spring cleaning. I own my ProHeat Shampooer, so I tend to still use the one room per day spring cleaning method. This helps me to stay focused on each room and giving it the time that it needs.

I am still in love with this machine and use it throughout the year to keep up with cleaning and my carpets. You would not believe the YUCK that gets trapped inside carpet!!

Another tool that I use is the Hurrican Spin Scrubber. This is going to be weird for me to say but since I had my plastic surgery done it still feels funny for me to bend over, let’s say the tub. Using the Spin Scrubber, I don’t have to worry about bending over. The scrubber brush is a cordless, rechargeable cleaning brush that rotates 300 spins per minute to eradicate soap scum, mildew, and grime.


I only have two bathrooms in my home, and one is hardly ever used, but I had no problem getting through both of the bathrooms after the initial charge (20 hours). I had enough charge and power to clean a bathtub, shower stall, and sinks with ease. The charging insert is located at the bottom of the unit, which has a plastic cover to keep it dry.

The Hurrican Spin Scrubber comes with a couple of brushes so that you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. It has a Dome Brush, Flat brush, and corner brush so no matter what you have to clean it really can get in the cracks or grout lines.

Not only does the Hurrican Spin Scrubber come with many different brushes but it also has an extension. This helps if you have a tiled wall in your shower/tub as I do. No more missing spots. So, if you would want to clean the sink you simply take the extension out.


I really love how this polishes the handle on the sink.

7 Tips To Help You Spring Cleaning

  1. Always make sure to get your supplies ahead of time. Make a “Spring Cleaning List” to help you when shopping. You don’t want to have to run back out to the store because you forgot something.
  2. Make sure that you have tools at hand to deep clean everything such as a shampooer or the Hurrican Spin Scrubber. Anything that can give you an edge will make your time fly by.
  3. Pick one room a day. This will help you to focus on what is in that room so that you have time to really give everything a good cleaning.
  4. Spring is a great time to clean out closets. Each spring I go through my closets and pull out anything and everything that I have not worn in a year. Usually, this is a lot. I then donate it to local families or Goodwill. When cleaning your closet one tip, I can give you is to arrange everything by color. This helps to sort through items faster, and you might learn a bit about yourself and your “safe color” when it comes to clothing. A safe color is something that you wear often. I would chunk things that are not this safe color helping you to gain a ton of room.
  5. If you do the spring cleaning by yourself, get everyone out of the house for those couple of hours while you tackle a room. I make my husband, father in law and dogs go for a ride or go do a couple of chores outside the home while I do my one room a day.
  6. If things get really dusty, you will want to wear a mask of some sort. This is even necessary if you are using cleaning chemicals. You don’t want to breathe them in.
  7. When working through each room. Take down pictures and Windex them also clean behind them because dust can build up behind the pictures.YUCKO

Spring cleaning does not have to be such a big deal at all. Just take one room at a time and get it done. Each day you will see everything coming together and looking beautiful. One other tip that I do have is not to wait till spring at all! I clean every day of my life. Sure it might be excessive, but we live in our home. My home is not perfect but I do take pride in what I have and keeping it clean is a must.

Make sure to check out my two products that I always have on hand to make spring cleaning a bit more bearable. The Hurrican Spin Brush (which you can use throughout the year to help you along the way) and a good shampooer is a must! I find that I do my little rugs all the time to keep things fresh and they actually last longer.


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