6 Reasons You Need An Oreck Air Response Purifier

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Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful day. Today I wanted to chat about six reasons you need an Oreck Air Response Purifier. I am one of those people that always feel that an air purifier really is not logical for me to purchase but after doing some research on the topic, I found that it is, in fact, something that everyone needs to consider to have in their home.

Before I get into why you need an Oreck Air Response Purifier I wanted first to give you some insight into the product itself. The new Air Response by Oreck is really a solid option when it comes to choosing a new purifier for your home for a couple of reasons. The first is the size. Oreck offers three models which can fit into any home perfectly, even if you are tight on space. They offer a small (MSRP: $179.99), medium ($229.99), and large ($269.99) so that no matter where you need to put this, you will have enough room.

The one big feature that the Air Response offers is the fact that it has a DustSense, for me, this is the big seller for this particular model. This technology detects and responds to harmful particles in the home’s air, improving air quality even when occupants aren’t home or are engaged in other activities. As summer rolls in most of us will be going on vacation or just simply taking daily outings. Having the DustSense makes sense if you don’t want to be a slave to your purifier.

When it comes to the design of the Air Response, I LOVE IT! I really enjoy things in my home looking modern, and this has a very sleek look. The top of the unit has an easy to use touchscreen so that you can control every setting. This includes the speed, a timer, Auto Mode, Lights (on/off), an odor filter reset and lastly a HEPA Media Filer indicator/reset. Literally, you have everything at your fingertips.

The Air Response is actually really quiet, but it also has near silent settings for when you are sleeping.

The filtration system on the unit is located on the front, just pop open the panel. With a powerful two-stage system this is bad ass. Look below for more features.

Product At A Glance:

  • Air Response purifiers include DustSense™ technology, which automatically monitors, detects and responds to harmful particles in the home’s air, improving air quality even when occupants aren’t home or are engaged in other activities.
  • A layer of activated carbon granules removes odors from food and cooking, pets, smoke, and paint fumes.
  • Engineered to purify the air while you sleep using near silent settings.
  • Powerful two-stage filtration combines HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Media and carbon odor filters to capture 99% of particles in the air.
  • Purifiers are available in three convenient sizes, small (MSRP: $179.99), medium ($229.99), and large ($269.99).
  • Available at Amazon, HomeDepot.com, and the Oreck website

6 Reasons You Need An Oreck Air Response Purifier

So let me tell you six reasons you need a purifier in your home. After searching the web, I have concluded that there are six huge reasons we all need these in our home and with the DustSense, Air Quality Indicator Bar (on the top of the unit), and two-stage filtration system the Air Response is perfect.

  1. We Live Indoors: I know what you are thinking, “well that is just genius,” but we do in fact live indoors which means walls, windows, and doors. While this protects us from the elements, it also traps airborne chemicals, gases, odor, and particles. We need a way to remove these from our home, and a purifier can help do just that.
  2. We All Live A Modern Lifestyle: We all have our everyday items that we use. It might be cleaning products or personal products which all emit gas and toxic dust. This again because we live in a dwelling gets trapped. A purifier can actually help contain these particles and using the Air Response can help to filter these out.
  3. Allergies: You might suffer from allergies or someone in your home? Having a purifier like the Air Response can greatly reduce the effects of allergy attacks. Speaking of allergies, a good blogger friend of mine Stephanie from Tiffany Reviews wrote about how much this system has helped her daughter. Head over there to find out more.
  4.  Your Not A Housekeeper: Life happens I mean we all get slack from time to time when it comes to cleaning. That is totally me this week but not cleaning means more dust and allergens in your home. Having a purifier can help trap airborne mold spores, bacteria, viruses and even pet odors. Win-Win!!
  5. Live near trees or a garden: Since I live in the mountains of North Carolina, I can tell you that spring and summer kill me sometimes. With my husband mowing the grass or working in the garden, everything goes into the air and eventually into the home. Trees, gardens and even your lawn can produce mold spores.
  6. Pets In The Home: My babies live in my house and have free run which means their pet hair, dander and odor is in our house. A purifier can help remove these so that we can all breath a bit easier. Also just like children pets are extremely susceptible to bad air quality. So you’re helping everyone in your home.

I really could go on and on with the reasons but think these six really can apply to everyone. I found that the Oreck Air Response is perfect for our home because of all the features and I do plan on getting one more for on the other side of our house. Make sure to pay close attention to the recommended square footage of the area when purchasing your new Oreck Air Response. You can see all the models at Oreck.com.


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