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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Golf Equipment

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If you are a relatively experienced golfer then you might now be looking for ways to improve your game and feel more like a professional. Particularly if you are looking to start entering competitions, it might be important that you upgrade your golfing equipment to perform your best, and look like a professional at the same time. Here are five ways in which you can upgrade your equipment to up your game.

Clean Your Groves

This very simple but important step can be the difference between the ball heading in the direction you want it to or not. This is because water and debris get caught in the small groves, which are meant to be kept clean to assist spin when shooting out of the rough. A small upgrade to make but nonetheless, cheap to undertake, and will save your shooting game when in the rough.

Re-grip Your Golf Clubs

Cleaning the grip on your golf clubs regularly can help with performance and will offer you more slip resistance for longer; however, they do have a lifespan and upgrading them can save you from missing important shots. You can take your golf clubs to a professional to re-grip or you can have a go at doing this yourself at home to save you money.

Upgrade Your Irons

Investing in new irons can be expensive, but just like the grips on your golf clubs, they have a shelf life too and will start to deteriorate over a few years if you play a lot of golf. Deciding on when to upgrade to new ones can depend on how your game is going, including important assessments such as any changes to your swing, whether your handicap level has changed and the feel and sound of your iron.

Upgrading the Rest of Your Clubs

Perhaps you have decided that it’s not only time to upgrade your iron but the rest of your clubs could also do with a re-vamp. This can be a costly time for golfers, especially once you are seasoned enough to know what you are looking for and are wanting to get the best for your game. However, there is a trick to make this upgrade as cost-effective as possible.

Ensure that you look for new clubs around January/February time to get the best deal, since this is when brands will release their new lines, making the previous year’s model heavily reduced in price. You shouldn’t lose out by playing with the previous year’s model since not a lot can change in a year for golf club technology.

Change Your Golf Cart Tires

There are a few signs that might appear when your golf cart tires are coming to the end of their life, suggesting that it is time to upgrade to new ones. Firstly, the tread will begin to grow thin, and if you leave it too long, you might start to see metallic threads showing through. In this case, do not drive the cart. Other signs are being unable to get the cart up to speed and beginning to see cracks in the tires. You can find tires to suit non-lifted or lifted golf carts. For the latter, you will need to have a look at the different types of golf cart lift kits to assist you in changing the tire.

After reading through the various upgrades that can be made to your golf equipment, you may be able to get an idea of how you can make slight improvements to your game and professional image. Some can be considered an investment and require thinking time before acting, such as buying new irons. However, other steps such as cleaning the groves on your clubs don’t need to cost you at all but can greatly improve your shot.


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