5 Ways To Naturally Feel Better

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5 Ways To Naturally Feel Better

When you have a cold, you will probably feel awful, and your work and home life can suffer as a result. The issue is that there are no definitive treatments for this virus; most of the time, you just have to wait it out. However, there are many natural remedies that can possibly help you feel better when you have a cold, even if they do not completely cure it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ginger Tea 

If you’re feeling clogged up, a cup of hot ginger tea may help relieve the strain for a time. It tastes delicious and has a great spicy kick, so it’s not too terrible in terms of medication. You will feel better almost immediately since it includes capsaicin and piperine, both of which have healing qualities. In addition, gingerol, a chemical that decreases inflammation of the mucus membranes in the nose, making you feel less congested, is also present. All in all, ginger tea is a great choice. 


Think again if you thought eating rich chicken and noodle soup to cure a cold was a folk treatment. It really works. Chicken soup is rich in essential nutrients that will help boost the immune system. The vegetables help in recovery and infection-fighting, while the chicken broth itself clears the nasal passages and is hydrating. The noodles help you feel full and satisfied, enabling you to relax and your body to operate more effectively. If you don’t like chicken soup, don’t worry; other sounds may help too. Try this easy beef and cabbage soup, for example. 


Steam is another method for recovering as much as possible from a cold, even if it’s not a complete cure. There are many ways you can inhale steam, like drinking a nice cup of tea (maybe ginger tea, as stated above) and breathing in the steam as you sip, or taking a hot shower and allowing the room to steam up around you. Alternatively, you can fill a bowl with hot water and add a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, or eucalyptus. Place a towel over the basin of water and place your head under the towel. Deep breathing will make you feel a lot better.

Make A Chest Salve

If your breathing is being hampered by your cold, you should try a homemade chest salve to relieve congestion. It’s simple to make, so you can do it even if you feel under the weather. You’ll need coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, and a jar (an airtight container). Remove the coconut oil from the heat once it has melted. While it’s cooling, mix in the peppermint oil and put it aside in an airtight container. When it has cooled and solidified, massage it on your chest to relieve congestion.

Hot Water Bottle

When you have a cold, a hot water bottle can be your best friend. Fill the hot water bottle to the top, leaving an inch or two of air. This makes it softer and therefore more pleasant to use. Place the hot water bottle on your chest or between your shoulder blades while lying in bed (whatever is more comfortable). This should assist with the congestion, but it will also help you sleep better.

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