5 Ways To Get Your Home Smelling Fresh

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The smell of your house is often the first impression that everyone gets from your home. For some, it might not seem that important, and you may not even know that your home has its own smell as we come a custom to it.  It’s really simple to get your home smelling great, there are a few tips below to help get you started on making that fantastic first impression and really show people that you take good care of your home.

Clean the Couch

Whether you have pets or prefer just humans to share your home the couch holds on to a vast variety of smells. When you’re living in your home you almost become nose blind and are unable to smell what a visitor may be able to pick up really easily. Don’t worry though there are ways to tackle this. Giving your couch a good deep clean can really help to make your home smell fresher. On some, you are able to remove the covers and stick them in the washing machine but with others, you can use a fabric spray to help eliminate the odors. Either way is really simple though you may struggle to put your cover back on, it will be more than worth it. If you have a leather sofa you can use a leather cleaning kit, as believe it or not leather holds onto smells too. While you’re cleaning your couch it’s a good idea to clean your decorative cushions too, people often forget about cleaning these but they are just as if not even more important to clean on a regular basis. You use decorative cushions for many things such as putting your feet up, lying on to get comfier having a bit of fun playing with kids so it’s important to keep them hygienic as well as smelling great.

Clean Your Carpets And Rugs

Your carpets and rugs are other things in your home that unfortunately hold onto lingering odors. You should be ideally cleaning your carpets every 2 years as a minimum to keep them in good condition but if you have high traffic you may need to do it a little more often. Your carpets can be particularly more smelly after the winter as you unknowingly bring in smells with wet footwear and it buries into the carpets. There are loads of green environmentally friendly carpets cleaners that you can use to leave your carpets not only smelling better and more fresh but looking newer and feeling softer. Rugs you handle a little differently, if they’re out of the way and not walked on very often then they probably don’t need to be cleaned every year, you could just give them a shake outside to remove any dust and give them a spray with some fabric freshener. When you are planning on cleaning your rugs be sure to read the care instructions as some need to be cleaned at the dry cleaners. A quick and easy way to keep your carpets smelling fresh all year round is to use a carpet powder that you can just hoover up.

Get The Air Flowing

Opening your windows will allow the air to free flow all through your home. This can be a fantastic way to quickly remove smells and give your house a fresh smell but it’s always possible to have the windows open and this can leave a musty, old smell lingering. A good way to help this is to use tools such as air humidifiers, they have been known to have health benefits and help people to keep the sir in their home clean and fresh. You could also use ceiling fans in several rooms to help keep the air flowing between rooms. Nothing quite beats opening your windows though so be sure to open these at every opportunity and enjoy the benefits of the improving spring weather.

Clean Your Bed

Most people clean their bedsheets and pillowcases regularly which will give you a short burst of nice smells but do they think about the mattress, duvet or pillows? It’s a good idea not only health wise but for added freshness to give your mattress a good clean, you can vacuum it and steam clean it to help remove any dirt and then spray it with fabric freshener to keep in smelling great. Sometimes you may need to purchase a new mattress, a mattress should be changed every 10 years and every year it should be turned around to try and keep it in its best shape. As well as cleaning your bedsheets and pillowcases you should be cleaning your duvet and pillows every few months, again this has added health benefits as well as keeping your bedroom smelly lovely. If you want to keep your duvet and pillows plump and in shape adding dryer balls in the tumble dryer will stop them from clumping.

Buy Some Smellies

A really quick and easy way to get your home smelling fresh is the make use of some decent home smells. There is a huge variety of options so when it comes to choosing an option for you to have some fun picking out all the smells for your home. Candles are everybody’s going to and you can now buy so many different types from tea light to candles that crackle like a burning fire you’re bound to find something you like. Just remember candle get extremely hot so it’s best to protect the surfaces that your place them on. One of the latest things that people are using are wax melters, they come as either an electric device or with a tealight candle. They work by placing a wax melt pellet into a small bowl which is heated up to melt the wax to release its smell, these can last for hours and therefore are really cost effective. If you have children it’s definitely wise to keep these high up and out of reach as the wax can become extremely hot.

Why not share your advice in the comments below on how you keep your home smelling fresh?

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