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5 Ways To Eat More Vegetables in 2022

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Getting onto a healthier track this year is something you want to prioritize, especially when it comes to your eating habits. It can be very easy to get stuck in a rut with unhealthy meals, stodgy snacks and energy killing food products. Eating more vegetables in 2022 is the best course of action to take, whether you’re trying to become a better cook, or you simply want your skin to glow. Here are five ways to take a step into the right direction this year by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

  1. Discover Healthy Veggie Restaurants

Eating out doesn’t need to be a chore when you’re trying to be healthy and eat more fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking for healthy veggie meals there are so many delicious restaurants and catering companies to try out in your local area. Take a friend along and explore the variety of menus on offer; you will soon find your favorite hotspot.

  1. Make Green Smoothies in The Morning

Packing a tonne of green goodness into your morning is the ideal way to kickstart your day. Spinach, avocado, beetroot and tomatoes are brilliant additions to your breakfast smoothies and they will leave you feeling energized all day.

  1. Bolster Your Main Meals With Color

Adding more vegetables into your daily dinner recipes is a great way to bolster your vitamin intake. Try adding one or two more fresh veggies to your regular dishes, such as butternut squash, eggplant, yellow peppers, green beans and mushrooms. Not only do they add nutrients to your meals, but they also bring a tonne of extra flavor.

  1. Get Vegetable Deliveries

When you choose to eat more vegetables you need to expose yourself to a variety of new and different tastes. Why not start a vegetable subscription delivery with your local farmers market? They will fill up a box of delicious veggies which will give you a chance to try all sorts of new flavors and textures. This is also a great way to protect the environment as you’re shopping locally instead of visiting chain supermarkets.

  1. Adopt a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Once you change your lifestyle and start incorporating more and more vegetables into your diet, you might start to become opposed to eating meat or even dairy. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan may feel like a natural next step to you and there are a number of advantages that go hand in hand with these lifestyles. Ultimately, you don’t need to put a label on yourself or decide what you can and can’t eat. As long as you enjoy a varied diet that is filled with nutrients your health will be on the right track.

Hopefully, these helpful ideas will set you off on the right track when it comes to eating well in the year 2022. Vegetables are packed full of water, fiber and vitamins which support your digestive system and aid your long term health.


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