5 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean When You Have A Toddler

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Every mother wants her child to grow up in a clean environment. If you have a toddler, a regular cleaning once per week is not going to ensure the level of cleanliness required to maintain your home well sanitized. As we all know, small children can be pretty curious, and they like touching everything. Therefore, it is more than necessary to set up a daily cleaning routine or just implement some cleaning activities in your daily agenda. In this way, you can be sure that bacteria will stay away from your toddler.

Here are a couple of ways that can help you maintain your home clean all the time:

Ventilate your home twice per day


In order to get rid of the dry air and send the bacillus away, open widely the windows in every room for a couple of minutes. Take the sleeping sheets of your toddler’s bed on the balcony and beat the dust out of them. You can also leave them for a couple of minutes outside. Ventilate the bedrooms also in the evening; this will refresh the air and create a healthy sleeping atmosphere.  


Always keep the kitchen clean


This is the place where you prepare the food for your child, so it needs to be always perfectly clean. Don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink, wash everything directly after supper. Clean the sink once per day because bacteria stick easily to its handles. As your child like climbing everywhere, also wipe the table regularly.  


Evening living room cleaning


The living room is the place where your toddler spends a lot of time. Therefore you need to put some efforts there as well. After playtime, except for toys, you may find all kind of unnecessary things. Put the toys in their rightful place and throw away any garbage. As your child plays mostly on the floor, House Cleaners SW15 says you will need to sweep or vacuum it every evening. If you think that it’s necessary mop it as well.


Wipe the dust


Dust reaches every surface extremely fast. As you want your toddler’s hands to be as clean as possible, you need to wipe the dust of the surfaces in your home every day. Wipe also the most frequently used objects like the remote control or any attractive electronic devices. In order to decrease the amount of dust in the living room, keep the shelves of the wooden furniture empty. Get rid of everything that you don’t need. Throw away also any big piles of magazines or other unnecessary things.  




Keep your living room well organized. If things don’t have their own place, they will only make a mess. Therefore, use baskets for the toys or rearrange the cabinets, but make sure that everything has its own place from now on. In this way, when you clean after your child you will always know where to put every object. Organize also the other rooms of your home. This will save you a lot of time when you are making an overall cleaning.


Everyone who wants to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere for their toddler should cover these cleaning activities every day. Taking care of small children demands a lot of efforts and maintaining a clean home is one of them. There may be periods when you are not able to clean your home every day, but with time these activities will become a habit. Even if you are not a pedantic cleaner, you are still taking the best care of your child.



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