5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

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Wowza, it is so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!! This year my father will be visiting, and I am trying to make this the best holiday possible while combining our Christmas celebration as well. There are a couple of things that I do to get ready for guests during the holiday season. For me, the holidays are not like any other visits throughout the year, and I want things to be a bit memorable. So I thought I would share five easy ways to get your home ready for Thanksgiving.

1. The Perfect Fragrance

Before I even start planning a menu my home is always a priority and this year I am paying close attention to a couple of different things. I want my home to be welcoming, and nothing says “Hello and Welcome” like a beautiful fragrance as they walk in the door. This is why I always make sure that I have a couple of Air Wick Air Fresheners around in different parts of the home. This year I am stuck on the Warm Apple Crisp. This has to be the best fragrance to surround your home in a smell that is soothing as well as something that brings back memories.

I don’t just use the Warm Apple Crisp fragrance in the kitchen, but I love to include it in different aspects of the home, including the living room and bedrooms. Having a consistent fragrance throughout the home gives your guests a beautiful experience. You can find the Air Wick Limited Edition fragrances like the Warm Apple Crisp online in different locations as well as in stores. Make sure to check out all their beautiful limited editions scents to find out which one fits you and your home.

2. Decorations

This year I am trying to go with a minimal decor theme. Since I am doing Thanksgiving and Christmas together, I think this will work better for me. I know that many of you out there celebrate the two together, but I thought I would give you my little tips.

You don’t want your home to scream either holiday but mesh in perfect harmony so that it is a beautiful creation. I will have a tree up, but I decided that I did not want this to be the main piece in the living room. So I decorated with minimal decorations that don’t scream Christmas but more of a fun atmosphere.

3. Sweet Treats For Your Guests

One thing about either the Thanksgiving or Christmas scene is the treats. You always want to welcome your guests with beautiful, homemade goodies and nothing screams the holidays like Gingerbread cookies!! Personally, I feel that gingerbread cookies work perfectly for either holiday and this year I am actually making my own little dudes.

4. A Beautifully Styled Home

This is one area that I personally love to get together. Styling your home is so much fun!! When I think of styling a home, I always get in the mindset that I am trying to sell my home. I don’t want it to scream “fake, all together” but I want everything in its place. You can achieve this by adding and removing items that don’t tell a story.

Telling a story with the items in your home really help to make everything just a beautiful altogether. My story this year when it comes to my home is Fabulously Festive. I want vibrant colors, pops of pink with hints of gold. To find inspiration I use stock images, sounds crazy right? But really. It helps me to focus on different colors that I feel would be perfect for the holiday. Above is a little image that I did, but you can check out my Pinterest board here.

5. Pay Attention To Your Dinnerware

Another great thing to do is to make sure that you have planned out your dinnerware for the Holiday. I tend to use holiday themed items, but this year I am going with something a bit more modern yet still sticking with the style that I have chosen for my home.

This year I have chosen a style from Zazzle because I feel that this compliments what I have going on in the rest of my home. Zazzle is a great place to go to, to find unique designs that your family and friends will adore.

I can’t wait to start to put everything together. I have all the pieces that I need to make this holiday season shine above the rest. I do hope that you check out the Air Wick products to help compliment your home this holiday season and that the other little tips can help you achieve a “dreamy” holiday.


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