5 Reasons I Choose The JBL EVEREST 310GA

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Ello, Folks! As most of you know I really love JBL products because they always seem to last longer and have better sound than most other products I have seen, not to mention they are very nicely priced. Today I wanted to chat about the JBL EVEREST 310 GA, which are an amazing option when it comes to wireless headphones.

First off, let me tell you about one HUGE difference between these earphones and others around the web. The JBL EVEREST actually have Google Assistant built in. Many of us, including myself, rely on Google Assistant not only to help us find the hottest spots but they also can help us to stay on schedule. There is a senor on the ear cup that activates Google Assistant and Google right in your ear! How freaking cool is that?

JBL Everest 310GA

Slip on the JBL Everest 310 and you’ll experience up to 20 hours of wireless freedom, the thrill of mind-blowing, Legendary JBL Pro Audio sound and the ergonomic comfort offered by premium material finishes and a snug fit. Which is a very long time compaired to other headphones. There is nothing worst than listing to your tunes only to have to stop and recharge. Not only that but the EVEREST offers a super quick full-charge time of two hours, so there is not long wait for another full charge.

JBL Everest 310GA

Another great feature of the EVEREST 310GA is that it offers the Share Me 2.0 technology This allows you to connect and share your music with friends, via Bluetooth. You can share music, videos, and games across any brand – wirelessly.

Like many of the JBL product the EVEREST offers a built-in microphone to give you crystal clear hands-free calls, and easy controls on the ear cup let you take charge of your music. 

The last reason that I choose the JBL EVEREST is simply because of it’s design. I love how compact they will fold up and this makes them super easy to travel with or throw in your bag or backpack.

In all, the JBL Everest 310 GA are the perfect fit for anyone looking for more than just headphones. Being able to connect to Google Assistant, connect your headphones to friends using the Share Me 2.0 and offering a 20 hour play time are just some of my favorite features. I would totally recommend these to anyone looking to up their headphone game.

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