5 Must Follow Dog-Friendly Instagram Accounts

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Howdy, everyone! As most of you know, I enjoy sharing items and topics that concern dogs. Today I wanted to share five must follow Instagrams that focus just on dogs (and one that focuses on dogs and other amazing things). Believe it or not, I know many people that are not on Instagram so I wanted to explain in my own words why you should join. Instagram is unlike any other social platform because for me it is all about the pictures. When I get on I know I am not going to see a bunch of Hillary or Trump bashing but beautiful food, family photos, and adventures. If you are not on Instagram go ahead and sign up now.

So let’s get down to it the top 5 must follow dog-friendly Instagram accounts to follow!!

Natural Dog Company

The first account that is really a must is the @NaturalDogCompany. Natural Dog Company provides natural and efficient healing solutions. They strive to provide the best holistic and natural healing products for your dog. While their products are of the highest quality, Natural Dog Company is all about giving back to you and the community. They work closely with dozens of rescue organizations around the world and provide sponsorships toward fundraising events. They strive to donate their products whenever there is a need. Also, they are dedicated to education. Natural Dog Company wants you to be educated about the better choices you can make and have for your dog. They strive for a pain-free world for dogs and are doing our best to save the world . . . One snout at a time.

Organic, vegan, all-natural, edible healing balms; perfect for healing dry noses, ruff paws, wounds, & funky skin folds

Found My Animal

The second must follow on Instagram when it comes to fur babies and products is the @FoundMyAnimal. Not only is their Instagram super cuddle-worthy but they also, like Natural Dog Company give back. Found My Animal promotes animal adoption in a very direct way: let your pet wear your values. By encouraging rescue over the purchase, they support animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver our simple, important message. Offering a ton of different products including leashes, collars, and so much more!! Leashes, collars, and harnesses ($32-$220)

The third Instadog page to follow and if you love puppies, this is for you is the @PupBox. This page is simply adorable in every way. Owning a new puppy, I check out Instagram all the time to see what other people are buying or giving their puppies and the PupBox is one you will not want to miss! PupBox is re-inventing the way you raise your furbaby. Each month they hand select and deliver the very best puppy products and training information that you and your puppy need. Toys, treats, accessories and training guides are all customized for your baby’s changing needs. PupBox will walk you through house training, teething, adolescence and into adulthood. Puppyhood is hard, PupBox makes it easier! Subscription boxes, individual boxes and toys & treats ($4.99-$39.99)


The fourth must follow Instagram account is @MollysPawtique! Owning to male fur babies, I get a kick out of these bow ties and find them just adorable. This Etsy store is packed full of just not bow ties for each occasion but also beautiful totes for you to carry with pride! Get ready to say “awe”!




Ok. Ok. So you caught me. Yes, my Instagram (@ello_betty) does show my babies from time to time, so of course, I need to self-promote. I have personally followed all of these amazing dog-friendly Instagram accounts above, and I must say that I have enjoyed looking through them. So stinking cute!! I love how each of them has unique products and features their customers on their pages. Now I am off to check out this Pup Subscription box. LOL. Stay Caffinated my friends.

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