5 Little Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxury Hotel

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For many of us, the best thing about going on holiday is getting to spend a few nights being pampered in a luxury hotel room. When it comes time to check out, it then becomes a wrench to leave the room behind. But what if you could have that same fresh hotel-room feel at home as well?

It might surprise you, but with just a few small changes and minor adjustments, it is not actually very hard to give your bedroom the feel of your favourite hotel. Here is how you can do it!

  1. The Bed

The bed is the biggest and most important piece of bedroom furniture. Do not attempt to save money on a cheap bed frame and mattress if you can help it your room will immediately be taken down a peg or two in the style stakes. Search out a company that specialises in quality wooden bedframes and custom made bed heads, and pick out a bed that looks and feels the part. Top it off with some fresh bed linens which are ironed and sprinkled lightly with essential oils.

  1. The Lighting

On entering any top of the range hotel room, one of the first things that is immediately apparent is how many different lights there are. Decking out your room with mounted wall lights, ceiling lights and bedside lamps, all with low-watt lighting for a softer effect and dimmer switches, is one of the first steps you must take toward giving your bedroom that opulent hotel feel.

  1. Flowers and Plants

There is little that breathes fresh life into a room to more effect than a vase of fragrant freshly-cut flowers. Placed on a bedside table and combined with a number of other living things from the plant kingdom and your room will soon take on the aspect of your favourite beachfront hotel room. 

  1. Curtains

Why do you think it is that you tend to get a much better night’s sleep at a hotel? One of the answers to this question might have something to do with the curtains. You might never have examined the curtains in a hotel closely enough to notice that they usually have a blackout layer of heavy dark material sewed in their interior to keep the morning light out. Buy some new curtains of this type of a style that matches your décor or have a go at making your own.

  1. Candles

Luxury is not all about what you can see; much of the sensation actually comes from our sense of smell. The most effective way of getting your room smelling like a 5-star hotel is to buy a scented candle and burn it for an hour every day.

Being in the lap of luxury in your own bedroom is not something that is out of your reach. By taking just a few measures like those detailed in this article, you can wake up every morning with a glorious moment of confusion in which you ask yourself, “What’s the checkout time?” before realising that you are safe in the comfort of your own home. 

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