5 Ideas For A Summer-Ready Home

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5 Ideas For A Summer-Ready Home

In the blink of an eye summer comes around and as well as our lives, our homes may not be ready for it. But, don’t panic. There are simple ways to get your home summer-ready in no time. If you are looking for inspiration for how to freshen up your home and prepare it for the warmer days, keep reading. 

Repair the AC

In the summer months, you will want to ensure your AC unit is in working order. A company like Snow Canyon Air Conditioning can help you with repairing your unit and ensuring it is good to go for the warmer months ahead. The last thing you want is to be hot outside and even hotter in your home. Your home is your safe haven and there’s nothing better than stepping inside and cooling down after a long day in the summer heat.

Freshen the home and garden with flowers

There’s nothing more beautiful and fresh than flowers on sunny days. You can easily freshen up your home and your garden with new flowers. To match the outside with the interior, you could add the same color scheme. Or, go for a complete mismatch to add more vibrancy and fun to your home. You may have yellow flowers in the living room, purple in the kitchen, and pinks outside. You could even add a vegetable patch in the garden to grow your own produce, be more sustainable, and give you a reason to spend more time in the garden. 

Inside play area

For the days when it is too hot, a super simple indoor play area is a great way to entertain the pets and the children whilst you can get on with pottering around the house or garden. Or, even getting a few moments to sit in the sunshine and read a book.

Lighten up the home

Just as we tend to wear fewer layers in the summer, the same goes for your home. Strip back all the unnecessary items from your living space and give it more room to breathe, allowing you to see it in a new light. Throw open the doors and windows, and get rid of any pieces that are dark, fussy, or gloomy.

Stowaway your heavy throws and knits for autumn when it’s time to get cozy again. If you’re looking to completely reinvent your home this summer, something as simple as swapping your layout around can do the trick. For example, if your living room furniture is usually focused around a fireplace, try swapping it so you’re facing the window or a set of French doors instead. This will give your home a more open, breezy vibe, and you can always swap back to the hearth once autumn rolls around.

Embrace the seaside

Even if you don’t live by the coast, the beach is one of the first things most of us think of when we hear the word ‘summer’. Golden sands, blue seas, clear skies – these are the things that evoke the season like nothing else. So why not bring some of that nautical magic into your home? From navy and white stripes on your cushions to seaside ornaments and artwork dotted around your living space, even the smallest touch can help bring the magic of the ocean into your home. You could even go a step further with a light blue feature wall, or a decadent navy rug.

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