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4 Lighting Tricks To Completely Transform Your Kitchen

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Clever use of lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform a room on a budget. By making a few simple adjustments, you can add more atmosphere and make a space feel far more relaxing. But there are some areas of the home, like the kitchen, where people don’t pay enough attention to lighting.

Lighting Tricks

The thing is, lighting is so important in the kitchen because it’s a multifunctional space. You need practical lighting for cooking, but you also want relaxing lighting when you are eating or entertaining guests. If you think that your kitchen could do with an overhaul, here are some great lighting tips to help you transform the space. 

Add Task Lighting 

First and foremost, your kitchen is a functional room. It’s where you prepare food, so you need good task lighting to help you do that. Chopping food or cooking on a hot stove is more dangerous if you are in a dimly lit space, which is why LED Under Cabinet Lighting is so effective.

It ensures that your countertops are well lit, even in a large kitchen with a single overhead light source, so you can always see what you are doing. However, under cabinet lights can also be used to create more atmosphere if you use dimmers or different colors, which is why they are one of the best additions you can make. 

Position Downlights Correctly 

Downlights are a popular choice for kitchen lighting, but so many people position them badly. If you are giving your kitchen a refurb and installing downlights, think very carefully about the placement. So many people put them in a simple grid, but it’s better to consider where you need light the most and position your downlights accordingly.

If you have metal cabinets, you can use directional downlights to reflect more light around the room and brighten the whole space. It’s usually best to direct some lights towards the cabinets so you have clear visibility inside when you open them up. 

Lighting Tricks

Use Hanging Lights On High Ceilings 

If your kitchen has a high ceiling, lighting can be tricky. Simple downlights will not provide enough light, especially on the work surfaces. The room can also feel very empty if there is a lot of vertical space with nothing to fill it.

You can solve both of these issues with a large hanging pendant light fixture in the center of the room. This will draw the eye downwards and make the room feel less empty, and it will provide more light. You can combine this with a few downlights and some under cabinet lights to ensure that you have plenty of task lighting. 

Light Beyond The Kitchen 

Many kitchens lead out into the garden, and you need to consider the lighting in this space as well. If you do not have any lighting outside, the black space can make the kitchen feel quite claustrophobic at night. However, a few simple lights in the garden will make all of the difference and the kitchen will feel much larger. 

Give these simple lighting tricks a try and you can completely transform the way that your kitchen looks. 


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