4 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas You Must Try

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Having a beautiful home is one thing, but saving the environment is just a little bit more important. Sadly, too many of us are guilty of not really caring about what we do, which means we often do things that damage the environment even further. I think we should try put a stop to this, so here are a few eco-friendly home decor ideas you must try:

Buy recycled wood to combat deforestation. Source

Decorate using recycled wood products

It’s fair to say that a lot of people have wooden furniture in their home. The majority of tables and chairs are made using wood, and some beds are also constructed with it as well. Of course, this isn’t very sustainable as it means loads of poor trees are being demolished for our gain. Instead, you should look for recycled or sustainable wood products. By purchasing recycled furniture, it dramatically reduces the environmental impact, and you can still find some really cool and quirky designs that improve your home decor!

Energy saving windows

When it comes to your home design, windows will often go under-appreciated. Some new windows will do wonders for your property and can make the interior and exterior design look so much better. What’s more, with things like Erie Advantage Windows, you can get energy-saving windows that make your home more eco-friendly. They keep heat inside your house, which means you’re not putting the heating on full-blast to stay warm. It’s a subtle change that can enhance the visual appeal of your home while also ensuring you’re more environmentally friendly.  

Use low-VOC paint

Most people are unaware of the environmental impact of paint. We all paint our homes, and it’s such a convenient way of adding some new splashes of color or totally reinventing the design of your rooms. The issue is that a lot of pain includes things called volatile organic compounds, which leak harmful emissions into the atmosphere for years on end. These days, you can pick up some tubs with low-VOC, which will dramatically reduce the fumes given off into the atmosphere. You can still paint your home and improve the design, you’re just doing so with less of an environmental impact.

Plants help keep the air clean. Source

Bring in the plants

Finally, one of the best ways you can encourage a more eco-friendly home decor is by using some plants as decorations! A lovely little plant pot here and there will do a fantastic job behind the scenes – as well as adding a touch of color and freshness to the place. Anyone with a basic understanding of science knows that plants take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. With these in your home, you can create fresh air and remove a lot of airborne toxins. They’re great anywhere in your house, but I love plants in the bedroom as they create a nice calming aura and provide a lovely scent as well.

It’s easy to get carried away when decorating and designing your home, so much so that you forget about the environmental impact of everything you’re doing. It’s impossible to create a house that’s 100% green unless you literally build it yourself by hand and choose all the materials! But, with these ideas, you will definitely reduce your carbon footprint and create a more eco-friendly (and gorgeous!) home.

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