4 Amazing Books For Any Women This Holiday Season

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As all of us are ready for just 2020 to end, this year has really taken us back to the basics. I don’t know about you but I find myself spending less time on social media and more time with my nose in a book. Today I wanted to share with you 4 Amazing Books For Any Women This holiday season.

One thing about 2020 and I have a feeling will continue into 2021 is that we are doing more things to help us stay grounded and focusing more on self care. Today I want to help you find your zen or that perfect gift for your BFF.

All of the books below are from Harlequin Trade Publishing which is an amazing company that is dynamic, diverse and growing each day. They offer a large variety of genres along with bold and imaginative books.

I adore giving books for the holiday because I know that they will bring joy and at times comfort. One thing that I love to do is grab a book and a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day and just simply read. It takes me away better than anything and really helps me to relax.

4 Amazing Books For Any Woman This Holiday Season

So let’s get started, shall we? My first title and actually what I am reading right now is RETURN TO VIRGIN RIVER, which is available on Amazon and Barns & Noble.

For me RETURN TO VIRGIN RIVER is the best holiday book right now. If you love the NETFLIX series “Virgin River”, you will just adore this book. The Author, Robyn Carr, returns to Virgin River with an uplifting story of friendship, new starts, and of course Christmas Magic.

The second book on my top 4 list is PRETENDING which again can be found on Amazon and Barns & Noble. This is another great book and if you adore a great laugh this is just for you. My husband and I are huge fans of the hit series Fleabag and that is just what this reminds me of.

4 Amazing Books For Any Women

This book is full of comedy and some heartbreak as well, giving you the perfect book for anyone that does not take themselves too seriously. This is actually the second book I will be reading over the holiday.

The third book is CHANEL SISTERS. This book tells the journey of Antoinette and Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and how they went from being taken care of by nuns to dreaming at night. This book available on Amazon and Barns & Noble is the perfect book to end your holiday season.

4 Amazing Books For Any Women

It is packed full of inspiration even when the  sisters must gather the courage to fashion their own places in the  world, even if apart from each other. 

My last pick is ONE MORE FOR CHRISTMAS, which is an obvious choice, right? Available for purchase on Amazon and Barns & Noble this book brings Christmas right to the pages.

4 Amazing Books For Any Women

Sarah Morgan’s festive sparkle and warmth, ONE MORE FOR CHRISTMAS follows a business woman Gail, as she summons her estranged family to spend a snowbound Christmas together in Scotland. As the family reconnects and rebuilds relationships. This book really brings you the Christmas spirit and it is a beautiful story.  

These books are the perfect choice if you are looking to find something to read over the holiday season or trying to find that perfect gift. These also make amazing stocking stuffers. I do hope that you check them out!

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