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3 Common Kitchen Nightmares And How To Avoid Them

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The kitchen is an integral part of your home, and probably the room you spend the most time in. Food gets prepared in here, which means you have plenty of appliances and loads of different things all over the place.

As you can imagine, this means the risk of something bad happening is higher than usual. In fact, there are some common kitchen nightmares nobody wants to face! Today’s post will look at a few of these and give advice on how to avoid them. 

Clogged sink

A clogged sink is a problem for a handful of reasons. The main one is that you can no longer use the sink, so everything gets put on hold. To make matters worse, a clogged up sink can cause problems with the pipes below, which may lead to leaks. Either way, you’re probably going to be on the phone to some local emergency plumbers right away. 

The most common cause of clogged sinks is food. You stuff it down the sink after rinsing a plate, and it slowly starts to accumulate. Things like rice are the worst as it expands when in contact with water. So, the solution to this nightmare is simple – stop putting food down the sink! Get a food waste bin to empty the scraps into, or think about installing a garbage disposal unit. Both will help you avoid a backed-up sink. 

Frozen over freezer

The whole purpose of a freezer is to keep things frozen. However, many freezers can go one step too far and become completely frozen over. You will end up with ice all between the drawers, and some will be frozen shut. It’s bad for a couple of reasons – for one, all the ice takes up space, limiting what you can store in your drawers. Secondly, frozen draws will break, so now you have a damaged freezer. 

Food that’s too cold can get something called freezer burn, which will actually make it go off quicker. Thankfully, you can prevent this problem by adjusting the freezer temperature. Keep it at a low temperature – you’ll know if it’s too low because the freezer will be melting! It needs to be low enough to keep things frozen without being too cold. 

Rotten food

Yes, rotten food is a real kitchen nightmare that nobody wants to deal with. Unfortunately, we’ve all had instances where there’s been a horrible smell coming from the fridge or a cupboard.

When you root around, you realize there’s some food at the back that was out of date months ago. You gag, throw it out, then have to do a deep clean of the surrounding area. It’s a big pain, not to mention how disgusting the experience is. 

The only way to avoid this is to be more conscious of the food you buy. I find it a lot easier if you avoid buying too much stuff in one go. Or, write a list and plan out your meals, then buy the food you need. This way, because the meals are planned out, you should use up all the food you’ve bought. Thus, there’s none left to go rotten!

Which one of these kitchen nightmares do you hate the most? Hopefully, with the tips provided, you’ll never have to deal with any of them again. 


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