2 Top Family Vacation Ideas For Kids

2 Top Family Vacation Ideas For Kids

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We all love a vacation, yet when you’re a family, it can be difficult to keep everyone happy! When your kids are younger, you’ll be choosing your vacation spots a little differently. The last thing you want when your away is bored and agitated children! With this in mind, let’s consider two fab vacation ideas for those with kids. 

2 Top Family Vacation Ideas For Kids


Disneyland is one of those places you’ll want to do at least once when you have children. Whether Paris or America, will largely depend on your current location, budget and preferences. Both have so much to offer in the way of magic and fun!

2 Top Family Vacation Ideas For Kids

With all your kid’s favourite characters and a range of exciting rides; there’s no experience quite like for children. ‘It’s a small world’ it’s probably one of the most oldest famous rides when you think of Disneyland. You’ll sit on miniature boats throughout, and it’s slow- so perfect for little kids who can’t go on the big roller coasters yet. 

‘Big Thunder Mountain’ is a super choice for a family rollercoaster; it’s not too scary, but enough to get the adrenaline pumping. The Twilight Zone is an excellent ride for older kids (and not too good if you’re scared of heights)! A Disneyland vacation is best revealed to your kids as a surprise to get them really excited. If you’re looking for the best price guarantee on tickets, you should check out the One Smart Mouse website. 

Camping holidays 

Camping holidays can be an excellent idea for those with children. Usually, for kids who are a little older (it can be a bit much with toddlers)! The great thing about camping holidays is that there are affordable campsites all over the world, so you’re not restricted to just one place. From Europe to Australia or the UK; there are plenty to choose from depending on your budget. Some of the best vacation spots in the world at National Parks. Such parks often have campsites, so it’s a great idea to take a look at some of these. 

In the modern world, we’re faced with a technology overload all the time. Camping can be an excellent way to help your kids put the devices down and get back to nature. You can indulge in doing some wholesome outdoor activities from hiking to fishing, boat rides, or simply eating around the campfire. Time outdoors is excellent to boost endorphins and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Some campsites will have some excellent sports activities aimed at kids, so encourage yours to get involved. 

Get packing 

If your kids are old enough, let them pack for a vacation themselves. This can help them to establish a sense of independence and get excited about the adventure ahead. Of course, you’ll want to check their packing afterwards to ensure they’ve got all the right things! Family vacations are precious moments to really bond away from work life and school life. Don’t forget your devices and cameras for lots of gorgeous photographs.

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