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The 15 Minute Travel Phone Charger: ASAP Dash

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As I sit here today dreaming of warm weather and laying on the beach with a nice rum cocktail, I thought what a better time than to share with you all a great new phone charger called ASAP Dash. Since staying connected even when laying on the beach or on vacation is so important you need a charger that is quick and reliable. 

ASAP Dash was designed by Aussie entrepreneur Vinson Leow to cure his nomophobia (the fear of being out of mobile contact).  It’s a real thing.  Being an avid traveler, he constantly found himself looking for juice.  Other battery travel options were either too bulky or charged way to slow for his fast-paced globetrotting lifestyle.  Like Vinson, I too suffer from nomophobia in a huge way. If my phone dies I feel that I have been totally disconnected!!

Unlike other rapid charge chargers which have a tiny capacity (under 2,000 mAh), ASAP Dash stores an incredible 5,000mAh keeping your phone going for more than 48 hrs. What I love most about this charger as compared to others is that I can charge my iPhone 3 times before I need to recharge the charger! AMAZING!! Check this out.

So you might be wondering how fast can this thing really charge in simple terms?   You can store up an iPhone charge in approximately 5 minutes.  Give it 15 and you have three full charges ready to take you through the day.

The design of the ASAP Dash is perfect not only does it have a very slim design (perfect to go into handbags, suitcases, and carry-on bags) but is also has an aluminum body making it durable. Below I look a picture of the ASAP Dash side by side with my HTC Phone (my husband took our iPhone today which I know most of you have). 

On the ASAP Dash charger, you will find easy to read inputs such as a micro USB input (for charging at 10w for any USB output), smart charge clip which detects your device and charges at the maximum speed possible, and a power button. All this is located on the side of the ASAP Dash. On the top of the charger are indicator lights that show the battery life of the charger that remains. 

One hugely important fact about this charger as compared to others is that it can charge just about any device out there. Not only can it charge your iPhone and Android devices but it also is compatible with all USB devices. Making this one charger your life line to staying connected. As an example if you wanted to charge your iPad you could charge it at the max speed of 3.1 Amp vs. most wall chargers and power banks which only charge at 2.1 Amps.

In all this is one amazing and must have charger for the upcoming year. I love that it is not only quick but reliable when it comes to charging my devices. I can have the piece of mind that I look for when traveling and know that I can stay connect. You can find out more about the ASAP Dash and their Early Bird Access by heading to their Indiegogo site. This is certainly something you should consider if you are planning on making 2016 the best travel year ever!!


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