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10 Tips To The Perfect Ribs Deck Reveal: Sponsored By Wayfair

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As most of you know I adore cooking outside as does my husband. One of our favorite things to cook are ribs. Getting the perfect cook on a rack of ribs might sound difficult or out of your reach, but it’s not! You don’t need an expensive grill to cook the perfect ribs for your family.

With the help of Wayfair and their amazing assortment of grills and entertaining items, they offer you can find that perfect grill for your family. Since it is just myself and my husband we have never opted for a huge grill.

This year we are using the 24″ BBQ Barrel Charcoal Grill from Royal Gourmet. The size is perfect for the two of us and allows us to make more if needed when we do have guests.

Below you will find 10 tips on how to make the perfect ribs for your family, but first I just had to show you what our deck is sporting this season from Wayfair.

One thing that I love in life is bright accent colors on our deck. Since our home is white I splash color everywhere I can outside to give it a bit of a boost.

Below the images you will find links to all the products that I used on our deck this summer season. These are perfect for entertaining and wowing your guests and or family.

One of my personal favorites on our porch this year is this super cute bar cart!!! I just love the blue along with the bright colored dishes, and water dispenser.

One other touch that I added to our deck are pillows. One is from Wayfair and the other I made with my Cricut (you can see that project here).

10 Tips On How To Make The Perfect Ribs

  1. Don’t go overboard on the grill. One thing that you need to make wonderful ribs is the ability to control the heat settings. You don’t need to buy some big fancy grill to do this. Most allow you to achieve the perfect heat.
  2. Think Charcoal. Ok. This might just be a preference but, I do feel that using charcoal when it comes to your grill can give you better results then using gas.
  3. By far the easiest ribs to cook and find are baby back ribs. They are much meatier than other ribs you might find so this is a good option when it comes to grilling ribs.
  4. We don’t marinade our ribs but you totally can do so just make sure to allow at least two hours before putting the dry rub on when you marinate your ribs.
  5. Dry Rub is the key. You will want to dry rub your ribs even if you marinate them beforehand. We use a simple mix to taste of sugar, brown sugar, and McCormicks Steak seating (which we use for everything in life).
  6. Always cook your ribs over indirect heat! The most important step is to preheat your grill to at least 200 degrees. You will cook your ribs at this temp for at least one hour.
  7. Once that first hour is over it’s time to move to direct heat. You will finish your ribs off on direct heat still at 200.
  8. Throughout the cooking time you can use marinate or BBQ depending upon taste. Use small amounts each time so that the flavors soak in. YUMMY.
  9. The hardest part of the perfect ribs is knowing when they are done. You look for a couple of signs. If the ribs are starting to pull back from the ends this is a good sign that they are done.
  10. I know, buy now after watching these ribs cook you want to dig in. BUT DON’T…not yet anyway..WAIT at least 10-15 minutes to let your meat rest. This is the one step that many people skip over because they are hungry but it is so important to let your meat rest.

When we have ribs we usually just make a simple veggie side with some pasta. I always find that this shines best with the ribs. I do hope that these little tips help you this summer to make the perfect ribs for your family and do make sure to check out some of the items that I used on my deck this season from Wayfair.

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