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ZOKU Iced Coffee Maker: Chill Out This Summer With Your Favorite Coffee

OH OH OH!! Summer is on its way and I am so excited. I actually went and tanned yesterday. I was as pale as one could get. On the way there I was able to enjoy my “Oh Fudge” coffee, using my Iced Coffee Maker from ZOKU. ZOKU is most known for their innovative housewares. They have a huge collection of products, that not only make your life easier, but functional and fun. The iced coffee maker is just one of those items.


Using the iced coffee maker, you can turn any hot beverage into an ice cold beverage in as little as five minutes. In fact, it only took my beverage about three minutes! Not only is the ZOKU iced coffee maker adorable in design, but it is super easy to use. Your new iced coffee maker comes with three parts (which is one of the things that I love). You have of course a matching straw, theĀ outside protector and the inside Stainless steel core. All you have to do is put the inner core into the freezer for about 8 hours, brew your coffee, wait five minutes and enjoy. No mess, No fuss!


I would recommend the ZOKU Iced Coffee Maker, it is super easy to use and just about anyone would be able to use this maker. I love iced coffee in the summer, but I hate when I have to use ice. It always dilutes my coffee and it is just not an enjoyable experience. This iced coffee maker is ready for travel as well. The design is brilliant! Around the straw is designed so that the beverage does not spill out. Also the lid has a rubber seal around it, no worries spilling this bad boy in the car. The price of the iced coffee maker is $29.99 and well worth every penny. I could not find anything wrong with the design or how the iced coffee maker works.


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