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Zoku Ice Ball Mold: The Perfect Addition To Your Summer Drink

Making a glass of iced tea or lemonade in the summer, is something that I love to do. My problem has always been, that the ice always dilutes the drink and makes it taste watered down. I have tried out different products that make ice balls, but I have to say the Zoku Ice Ball Mold is by far the best. One of the first products I reviewed was an ice ball mold and at the time it worked perfectly and still does, but the Zoku mold is so much easier to use.


If you have tried an ice ball mold you know that some are a chore to use. Getting the ice ball out without breaking it can be a hassle. This particular ice mold is totally the opposite. I had no problem getting the ice out of the mold. The inner mold is actually surrounded by a red plastic, that makes it very easy to grab a hold of and pull apart. To use your mold you simply attach the two pieces together and fill. Make sure that you leave room for expansion!



I left my mold in the freezer overnight and by morning I had a perfect ice ball. Over the weekend I used a recipe for a Boston Iced Tea and stuck my ball inside the mason jar. Saturday it was about 70 degrees here, so not too hot, but hot enough. The main reason this ball is perfect for the summer is because you don’t need to worry about your drink being watered down.



The Zoku ice ball mold can help you enjoy your beverages this summer, as I know I will be using my set. The price of the mold is $16.99 and should last many uses. Not only are these a great addition to your home, but they would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or as a house-warming gift. These are also BPA and phthalate free, which makes them safe for your family.



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