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Woodblock Chocolate

As the holiday creeps, closer and closer, I find myself surrounded by goodies! I am a huge “chocolate freak”! Anything chocolate is right up there on my food pyramid. Today I would love to share with you all about a company called Woodblock Chocolate. This company has not only perfected the art of making chocolate, but when you bite into a piece of their amazing bars, you know you are eating A++ products.

DSCN2779Woodblock Chocolates is not something they were just able to make over night. Jessica and Charley Wheelock, have worked at perfecting chocolate making and finally have achieved their dream.

For us, making chocolate from the bean is like realizing a dream that we did not even know we had! The more we learn about chocolate, the more we understand how everything we have previously done has lead to this. We are wildly excited to be able to share what we have learned with you in the form of face meltingly delicious chocolate made from two ingredients: cacao and pure cane sugar.

DSCN2777For all these years, eating brands such as HERSHEY’S and so forth, I have come to realize that I have missed out on so much. Not only have I missed out on the Woodblock Chocolates, but I have missed out on what chocolate is supposed to taste like. I never knew that chocolate got better with age, such as wine. Did you know that? It does! These chocolates are nothing that I have tasted before. Every flavor that I received was absolutely perfect to the last bite. You can really tell that this company takes much pride in their product, using only the finest cacao beans. You can read more about their process here.

Woodblock Chocolate offers a couple of different verities of chocolate. From Sea Salt to their beautiful new holiday bars, Woodblock Chocolate can delight and dazzle you. Their holiday bar, has to be the one that stood out to me the most!

Our holiday bar showcases our signature double origin chocolate, made from a thoughtful blend of Ecuadorian and Peruvian cacao. This is a case where 1+1=3. The two origin cacaos bring complimentary flavors that create a new and amazing beast that is better than the sum of the parts. The flavors play off each other like Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall with hints of Tom and Jerry.

I highly recommend checking out this Portland based company. Their prices are perfect and the quality is outstanding. These would make great little stocking stuffers or little toppings on gifts for your family.



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