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Wild Berry: Treat Yourself and Your Home


As most of you know my life at times revolves around chocolate and lovely smells. When I was contacted by Wild Berry, I have to say that I have never tried their products. I can remember as a kid going to Rehobeth Beach, in Delaware and smelling all these wonderful smells. After receiving this product, it was actually Wild Berry that I was smelling. I can remember their displays in several of the stores. My brother, who was older than I was, used to always buy it and it would fill the house with all of these tantalizing fragrances. The Wild Berry store is actually in Oxford, Ohio, but their products can be found in many retail locations as well as online at Wild Berry.

Today, The Wild Berry maintains a long-standing tradition of finding specialty items that are interesting and unique, featuring wacky and unusual gifts.

Wild Berry offers a wide variety of products to make your life fun and smell amazing! They offer incense sticks of all sizes, candles, incense burners, oils and even a monthly club! For writing this post I was sent a couple of items to share with my readers.

The first item I would like to share with you is the incense holder itself. It is beautiful. I have taken a couple of pictures below, so you can see just how detailed it really is. I was impressed with the attention to detail. Wild Berry offers many different types of stick burners, which can be all seen here. No matter what your decor is, I am sure that you can find something lovely for your home.

Screenshot (79)

As I am typing this post I am enjoying the relaxing and very pleasant aroma of cherries. Yummy!! What I love about this incense is that it is not actually overwhelming as some and the cherry fragrance is nicely blended with grape and apple. This gives it a much softer fragrance. Wild Berry Cheery incense is really a well-rounded fragrance, that leaves your home smelling delicious. The best part about it, is that they do have amazing prices on their incense. For a pack of 15 sticks, the price is $3.00 and for a pack of 100 is only 18 bucks!! Really a great deal.


The last product Wild Berry sent was a candle. Oh, how I love candles! Don’t tell my husband, but if I could trade him for a candle I day, I would have to think about it. he he he. No, just kidding, but really Wild Berry Candles are just like their incense. I was sent a peach candle to try and my oh my. As soon as I opened the cute container it comes in, all I could do was shove my nose in it and breathe deep! The smell is just so yummy! Wild Berry offers tin candles in a 4 oz container and also 8 oz candles. I received the 4 oz tin candle, which can be purchased for $9.00.

This candle does have a powerful reach and I literally can smell it in every room of the house. I love candles like this, because I am not going through lighting one in each room. It is a powerful candle, but the scent is very light, if that makes sense. I can really tell that I have a peach candle lit, but it is not overpowering at all.

Beautifully rounded fragrances to bring home.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.