Visioneer RoadWarrior X3 Scanner


With a society that is always on the go being tied down to cords and the office is not an option. The Visioneer RoadWarrior X3 scanner is a great way to keep moving and to keep on top of the things that you need to do.

The roadWarrior X3 Scanner is perfect for either in the office or on the go traveling around. The device is a is a sleek, light-weight portable scanner the size of a rolled up magazine, making it easy to pack away in a laptop bag when you’re on the go. For office settings, the scanner helps employees digitize, store, and share business-critical documents with team members with the click of a button, leading to instant collaboration and improved productivity.


The RoadWarrior X3 also allows users to easily import business cards directly into Outlook, create editable PDFs, and convert text to searchable characters via OCR software. Additionally, the new Kensington lock slot ensures the scanner and data remain secure. Additionally, it’s powered by a USB port so you can scan anywhere – even when AC power is unavailable.


Powered by a USB port so you can scan anywhere! Personally, this is perfect for anyone that keeps track of recipes. This is something that I do, and the RoadWarrior X3 is super handy. I have a habit of losing recipes almost as soon as I get them, but now I can just scan on the go.

4 Ways a RoadWarrior X3 Can Help You:

  1. Keeping track of recipes for business or just home expenses. 
  2. Storing business cards when you are at a convention or out on the road
  3. Keeping business document secure
  4. Keeping school work and report cards on file 

Visioneer RoadWarrior X3

There really are just a ton of uses for the RoadWarrior X3 but for me these are four that I feel would be important for most people. 

When it comes to the scanner itself, it is a self-feed and only does one side of the document, which is something to keep in mind. When you purchase this scanner, it comes with a bundle of software to get you started using your new scanner. 

Included is the Visioneer OneTouch scan utility:

  1. Nuance PaperPort Professional 14 for document management
  2. Nuance OmniPage Ultimate for optical character recognition (OCR)
  3. Nuance Power PDF Standard, for creating, converting, editing, and sharing PDF files
  4. ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0
  5. Visioneer Acuity for image enhancement
  6. Twain and WIA drivers

Visioneer RoadWarrior X3

This is a ton of software that will allow you to do just about everything you might need. What makes the RoadWarrior X3 Scanner even better is the price. As of today’s date, the price for this scanner is $69.99 which in my opinion is a great price because not only of the software but all of the software that is included. 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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