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Vegan CHAO Slices: Great Lunch Time Sandwich


Lunch time!! What to have. It is always hard for me to find foods that I can eat at lunch time. I have a very striven stomach, that does not like food period! A girl has to eat something! I came across Original Field Roast Grain Meat Co. and their CHAO Slices. I was super thrilled to try out their new Vegan Chao slices, which come in Coconut Herb, Creamy Original and Tomato Cayenne. I have to say they were all very good. The Tomato Cayenne is a bit much for my stomach, but packs a great bite! The other two have have been enjoying in different ways throughout the week, mostly on sandwiches at lunch time. Since I don’t eat meat, my sandwiches can lack so much! Let me show you how I enjoyed these two slices and what they offer for your next meal.

Vegan Chao Slices: Creamy Original


The creamy original has to be about my favorite of all three. It really has a great flavor and can uplift any ordinary sandwich or dish. This product is made with Chao Tofu and is non-gmo, non-dairy. This is a vegan coconut cheese alternative seasoned with traditionally fermented soybean curd called Chao. This cheese is 60 calories per serving and the calories from fat is 40.

With any lunch time meal, for me it is all about the cheese and the condiments. It is so hard to find products to put on a sandwich that actually can change the entire structure of the sandwich, but the creamy original really gives it that different texture and taste. For this sandwich I simply used some lettuce and my thin sandwich rolls. I then added a small amount of pesto and olive oil as a dressing. Perfect!


Chao Slices: Coconut Herb


The coconut herb slices are like nothing I have ever tasted, in a good way. No, scratch that, in a great way! This again is non-gmo and non-dairy! It is a vegan coconut cheese alternative. I love the herbs that were used in this cheese it really has the perfect flavor that would be great for any dish or sandwich. My husband enjoys just eating it on crackers. This cheese is very smooth and adds so much to your dish.

With this Chao slice, I was at a loss with what to pair it with that I can eat. Since I mostly eat lettuce, I decided to make another sandwich with an olive oil. The coconut herb cheese already offers huge flavor and I did not want to those those wonderful flavors. Pairing it with just a simple olive oil, was the best course for me.


Chao Slices: Tomato Cayenne


This was the only cheese that I could not really try myself. It smells amazing! I did try just a little corner of a piece and does pack a punch. This slice contains, cayenne pepper and dried red and green peppers. I have to be careful with the spicy things that I eat, but from what I have tasted it has amazing flavor just like the others. These would be perfect on bean burgers or even on a sandwich!

I highly recommend trying this cheese if you are vegan or not! The flavor is like none other and you will love the flavor profiles. Instead of trying to mimic traditional dairy cheese flavors, like cheddar, mozzarella or Monterey Jack, Field Roast has innovated new flavors that celebrate the brilliance of the plant based kingdom: Creamy Original with chao tofu, Tomato Cayenne with spicy peppers, and Coconut Herb with black pepper.

Want to try these yourself find a store near you!



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