Valentine’s Day Snack Idea With Popcorn, Indiana


Hello, everyone! I hope that you are having a fab day. Today I have been snacking away trying different recipes using Popcorn, Indiana. Awhile back I did a posting about Popcorn, Indiana and I have to tell you that I have beenValentine's Day Snack buying this popcorn ever since that first time that I tried it. Recently, America’s #1 Kettlecorn and snack innovator is bringing back their limited-edition

Recently, America’s #1 Kettlecorn and snack innovator is bringing back their limited-edition Drizzlecorn with a brand new flavor – Toasted Coconut. This flavor will join the existing variety of Drizzlecorn flavors this season, offering the same all-natural gluten-free ingredients from Popcorn, Indiana. Drizzlecorn is one of the brand’s most popular flavor lines and are only available during fall and winter months.

I could not find the Drizzledcorn where I live to feature this exact product, but I did come up with a wonderful Valentine’s Day Snack. These would be great when you are watching a movie with your loved ones or a wonderful little snack for your children. 

These sweet little treats are so easy to make it is almost a shame that it tastes so good. All you need is your favorite type of chocolate, white, dark or even milk chocolate. I used milk chocolate morsels and melted the chocolate in the microwave. 

Valentine's Day Snack

One this was melted, I chose to use the Kettlecorn and added a couple of cups to a bowl. Then I drizzled the milk chocolate over the Kettlecorn. Lastly, I mixed, very gently, the popcorn and chocolate. I decided to add a piece of conversational hearts and a few red sprinkles for color. I put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes so that the chocolate would harden. 

Untitled design (27)

I then broke the pieces apart and put in a little mug, but you could use little Valentine’s Day bags as well. I know this is not the healthiest treat but every once in awhile you need to just sit back and enjoy those things you don’t get very often and Valentine’s Day is just the right day to do that. 

Not only does  Popcorn, Indiana offer the Drizzle popcorn and Kettlecorn, but they also have a line of FIT Popcorn, FIT Chips, Regular Popcorn and granola popcorn. Even if you are not looking for something sweet this Valentine’s Day, you can indeed find a flavor that tickles your fancy with Popcorn, Indiana. 


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