Untrained Melody: Bark Genie Automatic Bark Deterrent

Did you know that there are 83.3 million dogs in the United States and on average 30-40% of them bark excessively? This is a crazy number and I have one of the “bark a lot” dogs. Lucy is always singing and barking, thank goodness we live in the country where not many people can hear her, but for those of you that live in a city or have neighbors close, you know that this can become bothersome. From the makers of the brand First Alert known mostly for their home safety and security products, now offer the Bark Genie. When barking is detected, the Bark Genie goes to work emitting a high-pitched sound, stopping the noise within seconds.

Bark Genie

Setting up the Bark Genie is actually very simple, simply insert the 9 volt battery and turn on to the level you wish. There are three levels, high, medium and low. There is also a mark for a test. I have never really thought much about using a product such as this, but over the past week or so, Lucy has been barking so much. Early in the mornings and just about every night, sometimes throughout the night. I thought I would give this a shot and this afternoon, I put it to the test. Firstly, it did work perfectly on Lucy. She did stop barking and had no crazy reactions to the noise at all. On the other hand, Ricky, my pit mix, did. He went just crazy! He was super scared of the noise, so I had to turn the unit off.

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In all the product did work with Lucy on a medium setting, but I think because my breeds are so different, it was just too much for Ricky. Lucy is a rott mix, where as Ricky is a pit mix, this could explain the different reactions to the sound. The settings is something that I recommend you pay close attention to. When the Bark Genie is up to 15 feet away, use the low setting, for up to 30 feet, the medium setting and up to 50 feet away use the high.

Tips For Success When Using The Bark Genie Products:

  1. Make sure the device is pointing the direction of the barking and is no longer than 50 feet away.
  2. Try to remove any large obstructions between the device and the dog.Lucy
  3. This device may not be as effective on dogs who are hearing impaired or deaf.
  4. Your dog may become familiar with the ultrasonic sound after extended use of the product. In order to avoid this try one or all of these tips: turn off the product periodically and when not in use, move to a new location indoors or outside of your home or turn it off for a few days.
  5. Ultrasonic sounds are high frequency and inaudible to most humans. This ultrasonic noise device should not be used less than 12 inches from a humans ear.
  6. Consider using verbal commands in conjunction with the Bark Genie for extra behavioral reinforcement.

Not only is the Bark Genie available at Walmart for $35.97, but they also do offer a handheld unit for $17.97. I do think that if you have problems with excessive barking, this tool is something that you might want to look into.  Unfortunately, with the way that Ricky acted when this was on, I don’t feel comfortable to continue to use this product. I know that it is not hurting him in any way, but just his reaction told me that this is just not a product for our family.  If it was just Lucy, I think it would be something that I would use all the time! I would also recommend highly that if you do use this unit to try to reinforce with commands. This would work excellent as a training tool for new pups as well, if you are considering using a method such as this.




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