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True Lemon Seasoning & Drink Mix For Every Dorm Room

True Lemon has always been in my pantry because well frankly, it has a wonderful taste. I love all of their flavors and the fact that they offer seasonings as well is why I think this is the perfect addition to any dorm room this semester. You might not have noticed but True Lemon offers a huge variety when it comes to flavoring water which is the biggest use for me. I have never been much of a water drinker (though I have gotten better) and the True Lemon just gives each glass or bottle of water the perfect flavor.

True Lemon
Convenient, affordable and shelf stable, True Lemon is great to keep on hand in the dorms for adding a quick boost of flavor to dishes and drinks. The company’s proprietary process crystallizes citrus juice and oils to deliver fresh-squeezed taste in individual packets that are shelf-stable (way easier to store than fresh citrus).
The products are totally clean (no sodium, no sugar, no artificial flavoring/colors or preservatives) and are designed to cut prep time down by eliminating the hassle and cleanup of slicing and squeezing a regular lemon/lime. They also offer a line of low cal/low sugar/zero sugar lemonades and limeades in a variety of flavors.

Amazing Seasoning For Your Dishes

Nothing is better than relaxing from a long day of classes than having drinks with friends (maybe even a snack). I personally have used True Lemon drink flavors for as long as I can remember and I would highly suggest checking them out but don’t stop there. Instead of worrying about having fresh fruit to cook your meals in the dorm try using the True Lemon Seasoning.
Image From: True Lemon
One recipe that is totally amazing is the True Lemon Orange Ginger Sesame Stir-Fry. Not only is it super easy but it also tastes amazing. You can really wow your guests with this one. I actually tried out this recipe over the weekend and I did not even have a chance to take pictures. As I left the room for a moment the little monsters ate it all!!
You can find True Lemon Products in 37,00 stores nationwide, and I do hope that you check them out. Some of my favorite personal flavors are the Wildberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, and the Black Cherry Limeaid. So stinking good.


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