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Travel with Theorie’s Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Discovery Kit: Let Your Hair Down and Relax

Let me set the scene. You arrive at a beautiful resort, blue water, white beaches. It is your first night there and after your delay, you just want to take a nice shower and relax for an evening of beautiful dining. You peel open the suitcase with all the energy you have left, looking for your view_discoverykit_11hair products. Only to realize that they are still sitting along with your toothbrush on the counter at home. How many of you have been in this situation? I know I have, and I even make a list to make sure I bring everything. For me using the hair products at a hotel is a big NO NO. My hair is so thick and frizzy that I have to have something more nourishing and what better than to pamper yourself with a great line of products while you’re on vacation?

Theorie’s Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Discovery Kit is packed full of just the right amount of hair care products for you to use while you are gone. Either it is a two-day vacation or a seven-day holiday, you will be pampered like you’re in a salon, and your hair will thank you for it. Theorie has become synonymous with breakthrough technology, distinctive design, leading-edge performance and handcrafted elegance. We pride ourselves on building world-class professional salon tools from the ground up – each one embodying a fusion of firsts from a heritage of innovation.

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What is Included In The Kit?

Over the past two week, yup, I said two weeks I have been using the Theorie Discovery Kit, and I have to say that this kit could not get any better. With the Theorie’s line of products included in this kit, I found myself not having to use as much of the product as with other brands. Everything included in the kit works perfectly and just leaves you feeling great about yourself. Not only does this kit include everything you would need to keep your locks under control, give you a brilliant shine and feeling silky, it also includes a fantastic Argan Body Wash. This body wash has Moroccan Argan oil and grapeseed extract, to leave your body moisturized and reinvigorated.

Included In The Discovery Kit:


These luxurious essentials use our technologically advanced active oxygen therapy to harness the true power of Moroccan Argan oil to correct severe damage and unresponsiveness while maximizing shine. Take them with you to ensure hair that’s rehabilitated, resilient and luminous.

What to pack with your Discovery Kit?

The Theorie’s Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Discovery Kit comes in a beautiful ready to go carry case. Everything fits perfectly in the case, and you even have room to pack a couple of other must-have items while on vacation. An excellent way to be sure never to forget your kit is to purchase on of these and leave it in your suitcase. A couple of products that I have included in my Discovery Kit are my razor, toothbrush, and ScentBird. Along with having great hair care products these have to be my top three things that have to be included in my suitcase, besides makeup of course!

Theorie Discovery Kit

I would recommend anyone to check out the Theorie’s Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Discovery Kit, not only is it perfect for women, but the scent would work well for men too. None of the products included in this kit has a powerful fragrance and personally, I love that fact. My husband has even been using the products. You can purchase the Discovery Kit for $28.00 online at Your Theorie.


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