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Ain’t Nothing But A Tide Pod Baby

Ok, betties! Let’s get serious now. What is with all this Tide Pod crap? I wish someone would explain to me what in the world is wrong with people. Had life gotten so boring for kids that they find enjoyment in dying? Really? I don’t know about you but I don’t want to meet my maker anytime soon and sucking on some tide pods is a guaranteed way to get there sooner.

Today I wanted to share five things your child can do besides eating Tide Pods. Thought this might help you all, plus I just freaking wanted to call a posting ” Ain’t Nothing But A Tide Pod Baby.” Now I have Redneck Grammer in my freaking head, thanks!

5  Dangerous Ways To Keep Your Child From Eating Tide Pods

Numero Uno is to deflect. Deflect the situation and come up with an alternative. If your Tide Pod baby is set on eating those tide pods no matter what hand them a donut!!! SAY YUMMMMMMMM to the sweets stuff, SAY NOOOOOOOOO to the soapy stuff…Eating enough sweets and sugar in their life will certainly eventually have the same effect as Tide Pods.


Number two is simply going for an alternative detergent. Apparently, we all have our favorites, but I stopped using Tide Pods months ago because I found all the sudden that the wrappers were not dissolving in the laundry (image them all pasty in the tummy of your kiddo). I now use Sam’s Club brand of laundry soap which I LOVE. You can see that posting here. Anyways, doing laundry will eventually kill ya, you know 🙂


Number Three!! Number three is super simple. Do you remember when you were a kid? Remember doing all those horrid things like playing on the rusty playground equipment? Why not bring adventure to your child’s life and head for the park. Look for those nasty old swings that nobody will play on and tell your child “This is very dangerous. Please don’t get on these”. The next thing you know they will enjoy that playground again. There are so many things that I did as a child that parents frown upon today..Go Do That!!!

Number four! Get your child juggling classes. It might not be dangerous when everything first starts but tell them that eventually, they can learn to juggle knives which in turn have the same effect as eating Tide Pods. You might DIE!!!!

Lastly, when all else fails. Lock them in their room, take their phone away and don’t let them on social media. This will let your child experience what eating a Tide Pod may feel like, DEATH!! A kiddo is never too old.

I hope this gives you some ideas and I do hope your child stays out of the Tide Pods…cheers to you


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