Did That Just Happen On The Walking Dead? Really? Naw


So as most of the world I was waiting for the season premier of The Walking Dead. I was so stinking excited that as I was watching it I forgot to eat my Twizzler, so let me go grab that really quick. The episode opened like the last episode in season 6. Everyone on the ground crying, mumbling and snots just a pouring. 

The Walking Dead

Then as Negan grabs Rick to drag him into the RV, you can see that there is a bit of a mess on the ground. “brains” I tell ya, and so it was. Huge spoiler coming here people. Abraham is the first to die (yup there are two deaths). I was so sad that Abraham had to die, but he did have the best one-liner ever, “suck..my…balls”! 


As Rick goes into the RV for a little ride in the country side as Negan chats him up. He is then forced to go out of the RV to find the axe (that Negan just threw). Muffling through the fog looking for this axe Rick contemplates everyone dying. He sees their death by the hand of Negan swinging Lucy. 

If I remember right and I was out of my mind when Abraham died this is when we learn the second death and to most the most shocking. Glenn! Yup Glenn is know nothing but a puddle of mush on the ground. Sorry to say Glenn Fans but that “just happened”. His last words were of course to Maggie saying “I will find you” or something romantic along those lines. Sorry not a romantic at heart. 


Negan being the kick ass character that he is decides that Rick (insert booger in his nose) is just not being submissive enough. Negan then brings Carl in the picture. Negan wants Ricky to cut Carls hand off to show him how submissive he really is (Negan just didn’t like his eyes. Ricks eyes still looked as though he wanted to Kill Negan). 

To make a long story short Ricky had a choice to cut the hand or everyone dies. He choose Carls hand in the end but Negan stopped him because finally Rick had his balls taken from him. 

This episode was by far the best I feel. It was nothing but gore and torture! I can’t wait to see what is in store next. What did you think of the episode?? Let me know. Are you sad?  I want to know. 

  1. Sarah 12 months ago

    Loved it!! Sad to see both of them go but we lose two beloved characters and gain a terrific new villain and Shiva!! Yes so excited!

    • Betty Bite 12 months ago

      Thanks for commenting Sarah!! I am excited to see what this season bring and just love Negan..lol..He is going to kick some ass.

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