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The Art of Making Gelato: Interview With Morgan Morano

Gelato shops are popping up all over the US, but one tiny shop in Hanover, NH has caught the attention of foodies for its authenticity and k2-_756e7142-1e26-4b84-89ca-7660312fde50.v3devotion to Italian gelato culture. Morano Gelato, founded by 30-year-old Morgan Morano, has won praise from Yankee Magazine, NH Magazine and even Forbes for its authentic Italian gelato featuring fresh, local ingredients, age-old techniques and even Italian names for the flavors. Now Morgan Morano is bringing this delicious dessert to homes across the world in her new book, The Art Of Making Gelato’.

In this brilliant book, Morano shares fifty favorite gelato and sorbetto recipes that range from the basic chocolate chip to traditional Italian recipes like Olio d’Oliva (olive oil). Inside this beautifully created book, you will find not only recipes to make traditional and creamy gelato, but it will also give you fantastic tips on how to choose the right gelato maker and ingredients. 

The book starts off by giving you a brief history of Morgan Morano and how she traveled to Italy only to find that she had a deep passion for bringing traditional Gelato to America. Morano opened her gelato shop in Hanover, NH in 2010 after spending time under the tutelage of a Sicilian gelato maker in Florence, Italy. With degrees in history, anthropology and culinary arts, Morano was enraptured by the gelato culture in Italy—a culture she saw lacking in gelato recipes and shops in America. 

Recently, I had the chance to ask Morgan Morano a couple of questions about her new book and her experience with Gelato:

Morgan Hi ResMy first question is being a woman and not having a business school degree, did you ever find it difficult to achieve your dream? I know you had the support of family and a knowledge base from your father, along with selling things at Ocean Beach, but were there any struggles along the way that you would like to share?
Although it has been difficult to start and grow Morano Gelato, I find that being a woman and not having a business school degree does as much to help as it does to hurt achieving business goals. For every person who discriminates because I am young and female, I find that there are just as many who are thrilled to see those features in a business owner. I also think that my instincts have proven more valuable than any projections or planning. All of that said, whether young or female, being a business owner is not easy, and there have been so many obstacles along the way. If I hadn’t persevered and believed in my goals, I would have given up long ago!
Before going to Florence, did you ever have an experience with Gelato, or “Americanized Gelato”? If so what were your first impressions?
Yes – Ciao Bella. We sold it at my family restaurant, and I remember thinking that it was good, but I didn’t understand how it was different from American ice cream. To me, it tasted exactly the same, maybe a little icier.
For those of us that are wanting to make Gelato at home, what is the one key piece of advice you can give to us?  Brown Butter
Remember that a home ice cream machine isn’t going to achieve the same texture you’ll find in a gelato store using a commercial machine, so eat it fresh! These recipes were created specifically for those readers looking to make gelato and serve it within 24 hours. We make our gelato fresh every day at Morano Gelato and for me, the gelato is best eaten fresh; therefore, my hope was to transfer that to the reader at home.
Lastly, how does it feel having a book published and owning a successful business? Are there any tips you could give my readers? Words of encouragement and such?
It’s certainly surreal, but I also do not see my business as “successful” yet. I’m always focused on how I can improve it, how I can expose more people to true Italian gelato, so I really don’t have the opportunity to sit back and relish in what I’ve accomplished… nor do I want to! I think it’s important both as a business owner and chef to always push yourself. The minute you stop learning and think you’ve perfected something is the minute you’ve stopped growing your business. A business that doesn’t grow or evolve in some capacity is a business that ultimately dies (so a close friend and mentor told me). Anyone looking to open their own business should definitely remember that if it were easy, any one would do it. If you truly want something, you absolutely have to go after it and never give up. Being a business owner is never risk-free – you Caramelhave to be willing to jump! If you are, you’ll find that you’ll be able to achieve what most people will tell you is either impossible or a very bad idea. The latter was what I often encountered when I told people I wanted to open an Italian ice cream business in New Hampshire. I’m happy I didn’t listen!
I have read The Art Of Making Gelato from front to back, and the one thing that really makes me giddy are the endless possibilities you can share with your family. The above interview was done through email, and I thought that was a couple of question you would like to know. Morgan’s experience with Gelato and business skills are brilliant. The book goes through each step you need to take to make this creamy indulgence at home. 
I am sure after seeing these pictures and dreaming of Gelato, you would like to know how to make some right? Well, After reading the book I found one recipe that was not only unique but perfect for summer occasions. As the heat rises everywhere what better than to spend the afternoon indulging yourself in a beautiful bowl of Gelato.  Below you will find a recipe for Jasmine Gelato, but I highly recommend checking this book out for yourself because all the recipes sound wonderful. If it is your first time making Gelato or if you have done it in the past this book offers great insight into the art. The Art of Making Gelato was published by Race Point publishing, in 2015.
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