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The Allure of Rare Treasures: Jennifer Reeves Designs


Inspired by blissful warm tropical waters, the soothing breeze that winds through Brisbane’s urban sprawl and the burnt golden hues of Uluru, Jennifer Reeves shares her vision of the world’s natural brilliance, through her jewelry line. I have always loved bold and different jewelry, that still has the appeal of a feminine touch. Jennifer Reeves Designs captures not only nature and beauty, but the simplicity that jewelry once was. 


I am totally in love with the Australian Boulder opal pendant that I received for this posting. The opal has a strong blue and slightly green line through it that just makes it for a wonderful conversation piece as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry. The best thing about this particular necklace is that not only is it fabulous to wear for a special occasion, but it is a perfect piece to wear really any time. The work that has been done on the stone is brilliant and done very nicely to bring out all the colors in the Australian Boulder Opal. 


Another great point about Jennifer Reeves Designs is that most of the pieces are unique. Each Jennifer Reeves Designs piece is made with love of the craft, dedication to clients and passion for alluring natural beauty. Most designs are one of a kind and some are limited edition. For me this is very important. During the day, I wear just about anything. Holes in my jeans and all, but when it comes to my jewelry, I like my pieces to be unique and speak to me. This piece does just that. 


I highly recommend checking out, Jennifer Reeves Designs and you surly don’t want to miss out on the beauty these pieces can offer. As I am writing this post, looking at all the other designs, I have to admit there are a couple of others I would love to own. Which piece do you like best? Not only would this be a perfect gift for yourself, but would make an amazing Mother’s Day gift, or any celebration gift. 


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.