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T-fal Ultraglide Iron: Kicking Wrinkles To The Curb Giveaway

Wrinkles, I can’t stand em’. I am about the worst person to be right on the laundry when the dryer ends and my clothes are always wrinkled. It is like the laundry monster is there laughing at me, as I put the dryer on for a bit longer trying to take out those darn wrinkle. T-fal Ultraglide Iron is the perfect match for anyone that wants to easily kick wrinkles to the curb. Ranked #1 in “glideability” and speed in lab tests against the top 20 competitors, the unique ceramic soleplate is scratch resistant for the easiest and fastest ironing.


I was super excited to try this new iron for my readers. I have had irons in the past that did not do a great job, but the T-fal Ultraglide is just wonderful. It really is easy to use and get the wrinkles out of those shirts perfectly. There are three features of the Ultraglide that I really like and think make a great addition to the iron itself. It has a 12ft cord, which is nice when you have to do your ironing far away from a plug-in. The next feature is the heel. I was very impressed with how the heel was so stable and I did not have to worry about it at all falling over. 


This iron also features 64 micro-holes so you are getting the optimal steam diffusion. I have had irons in the past that would always dripp, no matter how little water I put in the iron! My husband would always say you’re not doing it right. Hey, I have tried it every way possible. With the Ultraglide it heats up so rapidly that you don’t have to worry about dripping. It uses a powerful 1725 watts to heat up quickly and stay heated.  I have used this iron for about a week now on different types of clothing and love it!


Key Features Your Gonna Love

  • #1 Iron in “Glideability” and Fastest Iron (in lab tests vs. top 20 competitors)
  • Non-stick ceramic Ultraglide diffusion soleplate is scratch resistant and  provides faster and easier ironing
  • Ceramic soleplate is 100% mineral enriched with quartz
  • Outstanding and powerful steam output (100g/min) that removes stubborn wrinkles with ease
  • 64 steam holes for optimal steam diffusion and removal or wrinkles, 37 microholes for ultimate steam diffusion across entire fabric with a concentration at tip, and 27 large steam holes for advanced steam performance
  • Pointed tip works well for pleats, buttons, and seams
  • Easycord system keeps the 12ft long cord (NEW extended length)  out of the way when steam ironing and prevents from re-wrinkling already-ironed fabrics
  • Round thermostat dial with precision control
  • Anti-drip technology
  • The NEW anti-scale system helps recollecting calcium from hard water – for long lasting performances
  • Extra large and extended heel provides greater stability and holds the cord securely in place when stored  
  • 3-Way Auto-off with blinking warning light for maximum safety
  • Self cleaning system includes anti-scale valve for extended life and ensures constant flow of steam for better performance
  • Vertical steaming for hanging drapes and delicate garments
  • Large 9 oz. water tank for fewer refills
  • Temperature indicator light goes off when selected temperature is reached
  • Lifetime warranty on soleplate, 1 year warranty for T-fal

In all I was highly impressed with the features and user friendliness of the T-Fal Ultra Glide Easycord. Ironing is never someones “favorite thing to do”, but it does not have to be a chore. You can purchase the iron at a variety of stores including, Amazon, K-mart and Wal-mart. The suggested price is $45.00, which is not bad for an iron with all these features. I could not find anything that I really did not like about the iron. For me it is perfect in weight, design and easy to use. Everything I look for in a home product. 

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Besides the giveaway I am hosting below, I also wanted to share with you all a great giveaway presented by T-Fal. 

In honor of the Spring Cleaning season, T-fal launched a photo contest encouraging individuals to share their Spring Cleaning “Selfies” with T-fal using the hashtag #TfalSpringCleanSelfie —whether it be a photo upload of their cleaning woes or successful before/after shots shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. The selfie can be a self-taken photo of the consumer cleaning, or an image of the problem room in their home that needs the most help with cleaning.

Running from April 20- May 1, the winner will receive a Grand Prize of $500 towards their 2015 Spring Cleaning (VISA gift card) and a suite T-fal products (FV4495 Black Ultraglide Iron, ActiFry, OptiGrill, Naturale Pan). 5 runner ups will also win the suite of T-fal products to help clean their homes and diets!


T-Fal Iron


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