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Swaag Box February 2015 Review


A couple of months ago I reviewed a TOM box and I really thought it was a great box for women. This month I was asked to do another review on their box and I have to say, I am in love with it. It is called a Swagg Box. This box literally has everything you need to make you feel pampered during “that time of the month”. The price of this box is $16 Per Month but if you can add $6 per month for double the makeup and jewelry.

When I opened this box my eyes got really big! Could it be? OH YES, it is! Included in the box was a Cargo Eyeliner (I have no idea how they knew, but I was fresh out). It also included two beautiful bracelets, some chocolate (which was gone in the first 5 min), eye shadow, Tampons, Sicilian Body Lotion and CoolWay Boost repair. Everything in this box screamed my name! Below are a couple of pictures of everything included.


CoolWay Repair


This is the repair booster and I am in love with the way my hair not only feels but it feels so much healthier. I have tried CoolWay products before, but never this one.

Cargo Eye Liner


What do I have to say about this product? I love cargo eye liner. It is perfect to make cat eyes. I still think it is so funny that, just when I need to buy some, they send me one.

Cailyn Eyeshadow


This is a beautiful color purple and has just the right of bam, to pep you up during that time of the month. I have never used this brand before, but love the pigment it offers.


Beautiful Bracelets


Both of these bracelets are beautiful. What better than to receive accessories? I love the design on them and they actually seem like a great quality. I am going to wear these tomorrow. Love them!

Sicilian Body Lotion


This is a body lotion from Skin and Co. I have never used their products before but it was very nice. Just a little something to pamper yourself. It had a very nice smooth citrus scent.

Playtex Sport Tampons


What TOM box would not be complete with out tampons or pads? You get to choose which you receive which is a huge plus. Playtex Sport has always been a favorite of mine.

That is what was included in this month’s box. I have to say like the first box that I received for review, I do feel this is a great box. The only thing that I did not take pictures of was the chocolate! Shame on me! My husband snagged one and I the other. he he he. I would recommend checking out the Swaag Box, for the price and what you receive you really can’t go wrong. I feel this is a great value for the investment and can make you feel pampered throughout the month.

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