Summer Fun In The River With Dial-A-Distance



Woza! This afternoon was so much fun. The dogs and I headed to the river for a much needed little break from the heat. Ricky and I have always enjoyed going swimming, but this is the first real time that Ike the pup had spent more than 10 minutes in the water. He is still learning to swim and get frightened if I am far away but I think eventually he will enjoy it. Today I put the Dial-A-Distance from Thundershirt on Ricky, and he loved it. Since the river is so close to the road, I will just not let him run like I do in the creek on the property, so Dial-A-Distance really worked out well for him.

The Dial-A-Distance works like more retractable leashes but with one major difference. It will stop extending at the maximum length that you choose. All you have to do is simply dial in the distance anywhere from 0-15 feet. The auto brake will stop the leash from extending further than what you have set.


I love that I can let Ricky do what he loves to do, which is swim and explore while still having him attached to the leash. This gives him the feeling of the freedom that he loves, but still, I am in control. You also have the choice to manually stop the leash from further extending by simply pressing the manual brake button down with your thumb, which you can see in the image above.

I think that I will have to get another one of these for Ike once he gets his “swimming feet.” Here are a couple images taken from our adventure this afternoon. You can click on the images to open the gallery for a better look at my handsome boys 😉

In all, I think this is a great option when it comes to a retractable leash, but I would like to say I would make sure that you always have control over your dog when you are walking on the road with this. You will want to make sure that your dog is obedient enough that he or she listens well to commands so when a car is coming, and you might have the distance a bit too far out you still can control the dog. You can check out the Dial-A-Distance here, and for the price of  $37.45, right now they are on sale!!!


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