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Stay On Track With Jamba Juice Giveaway


Did you know a staggering 92% of all New Year’s resolutions have failed by mid-Feb? This is in part due to setting unrealistic goals that are difficult to maintain, like preparing healthier food recipes that take time out of the normal routine. Staying on track with New Year’s resolutions can be somewhat a chore. I know for years I have struggled with sticking with things that I would like to change. One of those things every year is eating healthy and making my body happy. There are so many foods out there that are full of empty calories and fat, that always pull one from their goal.

DSCN3436Jamba Juice can help you succeed with their Fruit & Veggie Smoothies. This smoothie is packed with a full serving of fruit and seven vitamins from vegetables. Each Jamba Juice, Fruit & Veggie kit, contains enough product to make two smoothies. When prepared the total calories is 120 and the fat from calories is ZERO! This at home kit is very easy to prepare. All you have to do is have a blender, 8 oz of apple juice and your ready to rock your New Years Resolution.

The Green Fusion smoothie is packed with all the goodies you need to have a happy body and help to achieve your goals. As always you’re going to have to put in some effort on your part, but if you are getting all the vitamins and fruit that you need in a day that is a great start. I am not a doctor but, just from common sense, I understand that we have to give our bodies what it needs to be able to have any success in weight-loss or just maintaining a healthy happy body. For years I have struggled with getting the proper nutrician, because of so many foods that I can’t eat. I am so happy to have found Jamba Juice, Green Fusion. Not only can I drink this, but it does not hurt my stomach! Which is amazing!

The inside of the kit has chunks of goodies that are then put into the blender, I thought that you might would like to see what these look like. So here is a closer image of the contains of the package. It was simple to make just throw in the juice and these little nuggets. It does not take long at all for everything to be nicely combined.

closer look

This smoothie has a wonderful taste. To be honest, I have always turned my nose up at anything green. Just being the silly person that I am. The Green Fusion contains, green apple, mango, pineapple, kiwi, banana, broccoli and spinach. I would have to say for me, I can taste the green apple and banana the most out of all the ingredients.

I do recommend checking out Jamba Juice Green Fusion, as well as the other products they offer to help you keep on track this year.  You can also find a full listing of ingredient on their site. Not only do these kits make it easy to make in a hurry, but the flavors are very nicely combined. You can purchase these at many locations. If you would like to find the nearest location to you, head here.

Would you like to win a coupon to try out the Jamba Juice Smoothie kit? Enter below and don’t forget to share the opportunity with your friends. I am heading off to finish up my smoothie and watch the snow fly outside. Good luck everyone!

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