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Star Wars and General Mills Team Up


Who does not know something about Star Wars? I have to be honest, I was never a fan, when I was younger. In fact, I only just begun to get into the movies and don’t know what I was thinking waiting this long to watch them. General Mills is once again connecting fans with what they love. Hidden inside each box, you will find one of six timeless movie posters featuring your favorite Star Wars films. Not only are you getting great cereal for your family to enjoy, but you are also getting a wonderful poster. This is something perfect for the whole family. Personally, I have always been a Cinnamon Toast Crunch kinda girl, but these posters are also offered in Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, Cookie Crisp and Reeseā€™s Puffs.


I think this is a wonderful idea. Most kids now a days would really not know what Star Wars is. In fact, I ask five kids around the ages of 10-15 years old about Star Wars. Not a big experiment, but I was curious to see how many of them knew what it was. To my surprise,all of them have either actually seen the movies or knew something about it. I know when I was younger, I knew what it was, I had just never taken the time to watch it. (shame on me) It really is a great series for the entire family to enjoy together. 


Hidden inside each box of General Mills cereal you will find one of six timeless posters. I received two boxes of cereal and these are the two posters, I found inside. My husband literally snatched them out of my hands. He has always been a Star Wars fan. 


The specially marked boxes of Big G cereals hit store shelves this month, for a limited time only. In fact, I am under direction, to go pick a few boxes up so that we can have all the posters. he he. Make sure to check out the #CerealWars Tumblr page that launched for more fan fun surrounding the General Mills and Star Wars partnership.

Enter to win two boxes of cereal and a vintage movie poster!! 

Star Wars Giveaway


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