SnackPals The Perfect Travel Companion For Your Toddler

With summer in full swing that means most of us will be traveling and spending time outdoors. This also means that you will need to make sure to keep your toddler in snacks. Nothing better than having a little snack while traveling in the car or even playing outdoors. The problem is that either this creates a mess or simply when playing outside the snack can become dirty, right? Not anymore! SnackPals is the perfect companion for all your summer adventures.


It simply dispenses snacks one mouthful at a time eliminating the mess or getting those little snacks dirty while having fun. Recently, I was this product to check out and found it so handy even for my eight-year-old “step-granddaughter” that is visiting us this week.  We decided that we would go down to the river on the fourth of July and I actually took her a little snack using the SnackPals. They worked perfectly keeping out the dirt and germs.

To use SnackPals simply put snacks in the container and shake twice. This dispenses the perfect amount into the top of the unit. Eat and enjoy!


I really feel that this is the perfect companion this summer or really any time of the year when you need a snack for your toddler, and you are not at home.  Everything worked perfectly, and I love the that the little flap on the inside prevents spills of the treats. Nobody wants to have a mess in their car or home. You can purchase these online at SnackPals for $9.99, but you can also find them in stores such as Toys R Us and Buy Buy Baby. SnackPals come in blue/green, green/orange, and purple/pink.

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