Slim Design Workspace Hub27


Living in a small home has its challenges when it comes to staying organized and ready for any task. Whether you are a student, at home mom/dad or blogger you know how important it is to have a workspace of your own. Workspace Hub27 is a new design from ErgotronHome.


By now it is clear that sitting is the new smoking, and office or at home workers who sit behind a desk at the computer for eight plus hours a day are susceptible. Honestly, I have never been able to sit for a long period and try my hardest to minimize the time I sit. This is why the Hub27 is perfect. 


The Hub27  is a slim cabinet with a channel to plug in and charge your devices (laptops, phones or hub27-ds-4tablets) that also doubles as a wall-mounted standing desk. All you have to do is just flip its door down to create a handwork surface. 

You can do so much with the Hub27 including sorting your mail, working on emails, taking notes or just enjoying some social media time while listening to music. The premium Hub27 boasts an adjustable-height worksurface and key-lock security while providing room for extra devices; the economical Hub24 offers a more compact form factor, making it the right choice for space-constrained areas. 


Personally, I just adore the Hub27. It is perfect for a little desk in my bedroom giving me the opportunity to get out of the office and enjoy a tv show while still working on things that need to be done. 

When it comes to putting the unit together and the quality, I was super impressed. It was easy to install, and I could have done it on my own with one other person to help me lift it into place. What makes this desk perfect for anyone is that you could use this in a sitting or standing position because it offers an adjust the work surface height when in standing-desk mode. You can adjust the tabs on the side to lower or raise the desk. 


Features Of the Hub27

  • Adjust the work surface height when in standing-desk mode
  • Key lock secures contents with door closed
  • Larger cabinet size holds more devices
  • Slim profile allows you to make room in shared or multi‑purpose spaces
  • Charge & store your devices. Includes space to add a power strip to bottom channel
  • Glass surface doubles as dry erase board
  • Customizable interior setup


In all this was the perfect space and I plan to use my Hub27 to help me from sitting so much. As they say a “body at rest, tends to stay at rest”. You could fit so much more in this little desk, but I like to have a relatively clutter free work area.

Ergotron offers a great selection of accessories as well including the  LX Arms  which are great accessories for mounting a monitor on either a desk or a wall that adds both flexibility and ergonomics. It frees up space and allows for easy positioning for greater productivity. 

You can purchase the Hub27 which is featured in this posting for $349.95 and the Hub24 for $199.95. Personally, I like the featured of the Hub27 due to the lock so keep my gadgets secure. Head on over and check out what Ergotron has to offer. 




In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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