Single Serve Touch Coffee Maker: Brew All Your Favorite Coffee Brands


I think that I just might be a Coffee Maker hoarder. I don’t have one, two or three but four coffee makers because I can never seem to brew the brands that I love from just one machine. Have you ever went to 81N77+Hi7DL._SX522_brew your favorite K-cup only to find that it is not compatible with the machine? I have been there. If you do use K-cups that are not compatible I would suggest checking out the Touch T526S. The Touch does more than I have ever seen a single coffee maker do.

Here are a few ways Touch stands out from the competition:

  • Touch brewers are completely open platform – this means you can use any K-Cup OR one of their own XBold cups, which have been designed to hold more up to 30% more coffee and deliver better flavor.
  • The Brewer is ready to start brewing in under 20 seconds after being off all night.
  • Makes a piping hot cup of coffee by reaching the ideal temperature for a cup of coffee (195-200 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • The hot water has more contact with the coffee grounds, which ensures that all of the coffee flavors is extracted. Other machines take much longer to warm up and then shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so you end up throwing away untapped flavor with the used capsule. Even with a slower, more deliberate brew, when factoring in the warm-up time, the Touch still turns out a cup of joe in a fraction of the time.
  • Its removable 90-ounce water tank has a greater capacity and is shorter in height than its counterparts, meaning you will be refilling less often, and it will be less awkward when you do.
  • Heats just enough water for the selected cup size as opposed to the entire tank of water, and the machine turns itself off after using, making it much more energy efficient than its competitors.


I would have to say besides the Touch being compatible will all kinds of K-Cups but it also comes with a Jumbo Refill Cup (Packs up to 40g of your favorite coffee and brews 30 ounce or 4 cups of coffee). This machine can do many different cup sizes including a Carafe (which holds 26 oz coffee). The Touch T526S offers eight different cup sizes Options: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz.


How Quickly Does The TOUCH T526S Heat Up?

Another huge bonus of the TOUCH is that how quickly it heats up. Recently I had another coffee maker that I was reviewing the one thing that I really did not like about it was that it took so long for the water to get hot. I actually timed this machine to see if it did heat under the 20-second mark (my OCD kicking in) and it sure did. We rang in at 13 seconds. SUPER FAST!! Below you find a short video showing you a bit more about the brewer. 

I just really love that the Touch T526S is entirely compatible with just about any coffee you would want. The Touch T526S brewer, which comes with a reusable Refill Jumbo Cup™ and 26-ounce carafe, is currently available online and has an MSRP of $249.99. For additional information about Touch’s brewers, accessories, and coffee, please visit I did find them on Best Buy as well for a great price, check it out!!





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