Dorm Room Essentials: Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven with Orville Redenbacher’s Certified Popcorn Preset Button


Wowza! Can you believe that it is almost time to start hitting the books again? This summer has flown by, and since I am going back to school myself (so excited), I wanted to take the next couple of weeks and share some amazing products with you to get your season started off with a bang. Today I wanted to share a collaboration between Sharp and Orville Redenbacher. This microwave oven is totally perfect for the back to school season because it is easy to use, functional, takes up little room, and has all the bells and whistles.

Sharp Countertop Microwave

Most dorm rooms and apartments have very little room in the kitchen. Let’s be honest here; many college students don’t spend their time cooking in the huge meals. I was the assistant manager at an apartment complex in Boone, NC, home to Appalachian State University. I have seen it all. Those that really used their kitchen and others that did not know the first thing about cooking. It’s ok, we all started someplace. A great microwave is a perfect addition to your dorm room!

Sharp Countertop Microwave

What I adore about the Sharp/ Orville Redenbacher Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven is that it has the perfect popcorn preset button. This takes all the guess work out of popping that perfect popcorn without burning the bag. I know I can’t be the only one that has burned a popcorn bag in the microwave. It happens, and boy does it stink. I have had microwaves in the past that even if it had a preset popcorn button, it never worked properly. It would either over pop or under pop.


There are so many different presets that are perfect for the dorm, and one particular besides the popcorn preset caught my attention. That was the beverage button. Besides the perfect popcorn and I know a ton of people love snacking on popcorn, but the beverage preset comes in handy as well. If you are like me and drink a ton of coffee every day, this comes in handy. All of the buttons are perfect in my opinion for the perfect results, but that darn popcorn preset, IN LOVE!!!

Microwave oven is not just for popcorn. 1000 watts of power gives you rapid preheating and fast cooking. Easy-to-clean, stainless steel finish to complement your style. One-Touch controls, Auto Defrost, and the Carousel turntable system make cooking and reheating faster and easier. It’s easy to see why home cooks throughout the world trust Sharp Carousel.

Product Details At A Glance:

  1. Orville Redenbacher’s® certified popcorn presets
  2. Premium blue LED display
  3. Convenient “+30 sec” key
  4. Auto defrost for quick and accurate thawing
  5. 11.2″ Carousel® turntable
  6. Express cook for one touch cooking up to 6 minutes

In all, I feel this is the perfect microwave for any dorm room and beyond! With all the easy buttons and presets, it makes the function of this microwave streamline and super easy to control every aspect of your cooking. The Sharp/ Orville Redenbacher Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven  can be purchased for $119.99!


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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