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Cleaning the house, ugh. We all really deep down dislike the task, but it must be done. In the summer, it seems that I Shark Steam & Spray Protry to find excuses everywhere not to stay in the house and clean. “Honey, I thought I would mow the grass.” “Honey, it was just too beautiful outside today.” With all the excuses I use, I also try to find easier ways to clean. A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to try the Shark® Rotator® Powered Lift-Away®. I have the to admit that it is the best vacuum I have every had. Last week I had the chance to add another great product to my Shark collection of cleaning tools to get the job done, it was the Shark Steam & Spray Pro. 

Shark® is known for their wonderful innovative and easy to use household cleaning products, which the Steam & Spray Pro fits right in. Not only is the Steam & Spray a powerful cleaning tool for hardwood floors and tile, but it also sanitizes all hard floor surfaces to clean 99.9% of household bacteria. As a pet owner, this was the one feature that I absolutely fell in love with. 

Shark Pro Steam & Spray

When it comes to the options this product has, it really includes everything a homeowner would need for a deep clean with no residue offering three modes. The first mode is simply a steam only mode, which allows you to turn tap water into steam for a deep clean with no residue. The second is a steam and spray mode that allows you to steam which combines with the Shark® Hard Floor Cleanser for a high level clean to remove stuck-on dirt, grease, and stains. The last mode is the spray only mode, for me this is just for quick touch-ups before company comes. 

Shark Pro Steam & Spray

Shark® Steam & Spray™ Pro features include:

  • Swivel steering for easy maneuverability
  • Removable power cord for speedy clean-up using the battery-powered spray mode
  • Upright feature on Steam & Spray head for easy storage
  • Powerful LED lights to improve visibility and target stains
  • Additional features include:
    • Shark® Hard Floor Cleanser
    • Disposable SaniFiber™ pad
    • Washable microfiber pad
    • Four AA batteries

Shark Pro Steam & Spray

Included in the box is everything you need to start having a cleaner home. For the first time, Shark is giving you the option of using a disposable pad or a washable pad. I just love that your new  Steam & Spray Pro come with both options. I find that the washable pad is great for everyday use as the disposable pads are perfect for cleaning up those really yucky messes. The washable pad lasts up to 20 uses, so your not having to purchase new pads all the time. This is a great new addition to the Steam & Spray system. 

To start using your new Steam & Spray Pro system all you have to do is insert the batteries that are included and fill the tank with water. Next you attach the pad that you will use. You can then insert the bottles of cleaner. After your all set up, it is time to get cleaning. 

Shark Pro Steam & Spray

In all the Shark Steam & Spray Pro is the perfect addition to keep your home clean without too much of an effort. This system does allow you to spend more time with your family and to enjoy the summer instead of scrubbing floors and disinfecting them. The Steam & Spray come in a variety of options and price points perfect for nearly every budget. You can find all the options including purchasing options on the Shark Website



In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

  1. Michelle Hwee 2 years ago

    This sounds and looks amazing! I so need this!! My floors are a mess and this would work great!

  2. Mandy P 2 years ago

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAATT!?! I have used a Shark at home for years and love it. My only gripe is that as wonderful as it is I wish there could be a bit more power sometimes when I had something stuck on the floor. Yeah I could clean as soon as I make a mess, but what it the fun in that? Having a Shark that works the steam with extra power is just what I need! Thanks for letting me know that this is out there for the buying!!!

    • Betty Bite 2 years ago

      You’re very welcome!! I am totally in love with this machine and it is so easy to use. I just zip around the house and DONE. Perfect for the summer when you don’t want to spend much time inside.

  3. ShawnTe 2 years ago

    This sounds like something my mother would love. Seems like it is pretty easy to use as well.

    • Betty Bite 2 years ago

      It is super easy to use. I was amazed how quickly I had it up and running. No time at all. I have had other units such as this, but they needed to be charged all the time. Love that this plugs in and takes batteries.

  4. Sharill Yalisse 2 years ago

    What a great product. I moved from an all-carpet house to a hard-floors one and was looking for something to clean these floors. I am a fan of Shark and I don’t know what I didn’t think of them before. This Steam & Spray Pro would be a good thing for us that don’t have too much time to clean the house.

    I should say that my favorite thing is the option to go disposable or reusable. Believe me, like you said, I am not touching a super yucky mess ever ha!

    • Betty Bite 2 years ago

      That has to be one of my favorite things. Love the option of a disposable or reusable. I hate being stuck using disposable when there is not much mess, or vise versa, having something nasty and using the reusable ones. Such a great new feature.

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