September Skoshbox 2015


Oh, my snacks and candy Batman!! Today I had the chance to sit down and really look at the Skoshbox for September and Wowza.  Skoshbox delivers a monthly box of Japanese candies and snacks. From all-time11216247_400735916792019_437313202687400679_n favorites like Pocky and Umaibo to DIY Candy Kits and popular anime character snacks. They offer two size boxes the first is the Dekabox ($24.00 a month), and the smaller box is the Orignal Skoshbox ($12.00 a month). Each is packed full of goodies sure to impress and please the entire family. 

I received the September 2015 Dekabox for this posting, and I was super impressed with the packaging and contents. Included were ten items and one mystery item. The mystery item is an extra $2.00 which changes monthly.

Also inside the box is a card which tells you a little bit more information about the products in the box. It also had a coupon code for 10% off the snacks this month to reorder. I love that Skoshbox offers you the ability to reorder your favorite snacks.  Unfortunately being sick this week has not helped me in trying out many of the items, but I wanted to make a video to show you everything included. 

Included in the box: with reorder prices

  • Umaibo Premium Cheese: $6.99 a pack
  • Chelsea Yogurt Candy: $2.99
  • Panda Corn Snacks: $2.99
  • Kompeito Candy: $1.99
  • Choco Flakes: $2.99
  • Wasabi Endo Mix: $2.99
  • Maken Cola Gummies: $2.99
  • Line-Drops candy: $1.99 a set
  • Jagabee: Butter Shoyu: $2.49
  • Assorted Gummies: $2.99
  • Mystery Item: Cat-Donut Squishy Keychain: $3.99

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Everything in the Skoshbox was just amazing, and the one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that they really included a wide variety of items. For the larger box at only $24.00 the value for me is really there. I love to try out different products from around the world, and this is perfect. If you are looking for a great unique subscription box for a gift this holiday season, this would be perfect as well!

I really feel that this box speaks for itself everything from the presentation of the box to what was included is exactly what one is looking for in a Japanese Subscription box. What do you think of this box?

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