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SeaSnax: Strangely Addictive

As the school season has come to an end, it is really time to start thinking about back to school. One of the hardest things to find are great products for the lunch box, which is why over the next SeaSnax_Logo3_6x2bcouple of months Bites Reviews will be giving many options to consider for including in lunch boxes next year. The first product that is going to kick everything off is something that honestly, I was not sure if I was going to like. I have had so many different seaweed chips and snacks throughout my life, which just never left me with that wow factor. That feeling that I need to have more! SeaSnax did, in fact, leave me wanting to eat the whole package and craving them like nothing else. I would compare my new found addiction to SeaSnax with ice cream, I could not live it, which is saying a lot for my new found love. 

Benefits of Seaweed

Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low in calories and one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom as they have ready access to the abundant minerals found in the ocean. Nourishment is acquired across the sea vegetables’ entire surface through the gentle wave action of underwater currents. For centuries, new mothers in Korea have replenished themselves with seaweed soup to assist them in their postpartum recovery and rejuvenation. According to ancient Korean folklore, this postpartum tradition was learned from observing female whales that would seek out and eat strands of seaweed after giving birth.

SeaSnax Chomperz

First off let me start with the SeaSnax Chomperz! These little buggers are just nothing like I have ever tasted before, and it is very hard to wrap my head around it. Coming up with words to describe these amazing seaweed chips is even harder. They are extremely light and airy. They are a seaweed curl that is wrapped in rice, to give it a chip-like crunch, and once you start crunching, there is no stopping you. Each flavor is really perfect and not overly bold. The one thing that I really like about these Chomperz seaweed chips is that the seaweed is not “fishy”. That is the best way I can describe it. I have had seaweed that really just tasted like I bombed out on the buggie board going 25 miles per hour and took in a big gulp of sand from the bottom of the ocean. These don’t have that taste at all! The Chomperz come in a couple of different flavors including BBQ, Onion, Jalapeno, and Original. I think personally the onion of my favorite, but I do love them all. 

SeaSnax Chomperz Great For Lunches

Another product from SeaSnax are their sheets. These are just sheets of seaweed in small packages that can fit into the lunch box perfectly. Again these are just as addictive as the Chomperz and really the only difference is that they are not wrapped in the rice. The flavors SeaSnax offers is really something unique. They offer Wasabi, Toasty Onion, and Chipotle. The sheets are just a great little snack throughout the day if you child or you need a little pick me up. Again, like with the Chomperz they don’t have that “fishy” came from the sea taste, that some people would be turned off by. They are however seaweed and do have a slight taste, but nothing strong at all. 

SeaSnax Strangly Addictive

SeaSnax are my new go to when I need something crunchy and just a little something to hold me over. Either of these products would be perfect to include in the upcoming school year lunch box. You can purchase both of these products online at the SeaSnax site. You can also find the stores and locations where you can pick these up as well. I am confident not only your child will get a kick out of these, but you will as well. The flavors are really wonderful, and they are strangely addictive. 



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