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Ready For A Scent Adventure With Scentbird? Check Out The Limited Edition Pink Case

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Do you love amazing fragrances? Trying out new and exciting perfumes? Scentbird is just the thing for you. This monthly subscription allows youScentbird to “date” the perfume before committing to a full bottle. For $14.95 USD per month, subscribers to Scentbird will have access to a 30-day supply of over 350 top designer fragrances, including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Hermes, Gucci and Marc Jacobs delivered directly to your door. 

Recently Scentbird launched their new limited edition perfume case. Till now they always have (from what I understand) offered a black case, which I had the pleasure to review back in January. You can see that review here. I did continue to get this subscription plan for a while after I reviewed it. I just adored being able to try a new perfume every month, without having to commit to purchasing an entire bottle before I knew if I really liked it. Now with Scentbird offering the pink case, of course, I had to let my readers know! The pink case has the same design as the black. The pink case is a sleek and beautiful purse-sized spray. The 0.27oz-sized bottle (about the size of a rollerball) contains your choice of perfume. 

The number one reason women buy perfume is to find something new or different. In fact, most women 18 to 34 no longer believe in having a signature fragrance. These women are used to living a life on their terms, changing their scent on a whim and matching it to an outfit. Expensive perfume bottles that last for years just cannot keep up with a modern woman’s lifestyle.
Scentbird Limited Edition
So you might be wondering how in the world would you ever pick a fragrance out of so many choices? It is a very simple process, and I have come to find that Scentbirds recommendations are usually on point. Scentbird offers a TruScent Recommender, which leverages a database of thousands of scent profiles and 500,000 reviews by real women. By answering different questions such as “Where would you rather be” and others, they can match you up with perfumes that would best fit your personality. This go around with Scentbird I tried out the Moschino, I Love Love, which I have come to Love Love myself 🙂 If you enjoy flirty, sweet fragrances, you might just want to try this out. 
 Scentbird Limited Edition Pink Case
The pink case is an add-on item to a subscription, but I highly recommend checking it out. Just as I adore my black case, the pink is that much better offering a bit of color into your life. With Scentbird, the world of fragrance opens up. This is an affordable option to experiment with new scents and to mix up your routine without having to spend hundreds of dollars or commit to one single bottle for years. Scentbird perfumes are beautifully packaged, and simple to use and the pink atomizer is nestled in a luxurious velvet pouch. Scentbird is a practical option for every type of personality.


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